Thursday, October 9, 2014

Gronteq: Providing Strategic Advice On Technology Investments

A lot of small organizations today are able to compete in their own industries because they look up to the more established businesses. They consider these big companies as their inspiration to work hard and succeed. Some of them follow the footsteps of these big companies to ensure their success too. 

When you look into these big companies, one thing would be a common contributor to their success – technology. Technology has continuously evolved. In any industry, information technology has been a great factor in making things easier and faster. This is why IT tools and solutions are now considered a necessity by major industries all over the globe.

About Gronteq
Gronteq is an IT management consultancy in Dubai. It is a prominent firm that offers IT services in United Arab Emirates. 

The company works with its clients and creates a partnership with them. They act as advisers and provide helpful tips on how to manage the business better. By providing high-quality services, they are able to help business leaders protect their investments. The company provides strategic advice to businesses on how to make the right decisions about technology issues and problems.  

As a prominent IT consultancy firm, Gronteq provides its IT solutions and support to start-up and established companies in Dubai. 

Services Offered

Consultancy – if you recently invested in a business technology solution, you’d want to get the most out of it. This company can provide expert advice on how to get maximum results from your technology investments. 
IT Support – get all the help you need in your helpdesk, hardware, software, desktop, network and server issues. Get quality services for your business’s needs.
Infrastructure – manage your IT infrastructure with quality services such as security solutions, data center installation, telephony solutions, virtualization solutions, network installation, server installation and SAN installation.
Applications – get the best tools and support for your organization. These are state-of-the-art business solutions that could help you deliver the best results.
Cloud Services – a solution that could significantly reduce your IT costs. No need to have server rooms, no need to hire in-house staff, no need to purchase software licenses. With cloud services, file sharing is made easy. 
IT Health Check – recommended for start-up businesses; teaches how to properly structure an IT environment. A service that helps established businesses find out its strengths and weaknesses.

Why choose Gronteq?
Gronteq is a trusted partner of businesses in Dubai when it comes to technology investments. If you don’t have an IT department yet, they can provide a highly experienced team for you. If you already have an IT department, use their expertise fast-tracking your projects. 

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