Sunday, May 14, 2017

Lawn Improvement Services Offered By Shannon Lawn & Landscaping For Commercial Properties

Leading Landscaping & Lawn Care Experts in CT
Lawns, whether sprawling or small ones, are welcome additions to commercial properties. Whether the property is a mall, industrial area, school, or commercial complex, a lawn would be a wonderful attraction for all tenants and guests.

A landscaped lawn or garden will not only be an attractive outdoor feature for commercial properties but it can also help boost their curb appeal and market value. In addition, it can be a great temporary respite for tenants or guests who are yearning to breathe some fresh air and spend some time under the sun. Lastly, a landscaped lawn can also be used as a venue for events which can be used by tenants or by the property owners themselves to hold gatherings or celebrate special occasions.

Maintaining And Improving Commercial Property Lawns

A beautiful, good-quality lawn can provide many benefits to commercial properties. An unhealthy and unsightly one, on the other hand, will not do anything good for commercial properties.

Maintaining and enhancing a lovely commercial lawn though will require a lot of work. Certain specialized supplies, tools, and equipment and trained pros will be needed as well. You can bypass all the time and expenses needed to buy all the necessary lawn care and maintenance essentials and hiring and training employees by simply hiring experts. 

Shannon Lawn And Landscaping
Reputable Landscaping & Lawn Care Experts in CT
In Connecticut, one of the leading and most trusted companies providing commercial lawn care and landscaping services is Shannon Lawn and Landscaping. This family owned and operated company was founded in 1987. Their corporate mission is to provide all their customers with the highest level of quality and customer service in terms of lawn care and landscaping. 

The company strives to provide services that sustain the right balance between professionalism and personalization. All their employees are in uniform and come to the agreed upon schedule on time. They will also use only the best tools, gear, equipment, and supplies. However, they will still listen to your needs and requests and are not averse to adding their personal touches to make sure you will have the lawn you are looking for.

Shannon Lawn & Landscaping’s main office is located at 55 Lupes Drive, Stratford, CT.

Offered Commercial Lawn Care And Landscaping Services

Trusted Landscaping & Lawn Care Experts in CT
Below are the services and solutions offered by Shannon Lawn & Landscaping for commercial properties:

• Fertilization and weed control
• Weekly mowing
• Spring and fall cleanups
• Regular weeding of flower and plant beds and parking lot areas
• Bed maintenance including edging, fertilizing, pruning, mulching, and weeding
• Annual flower and pot planting
• Irrigation system installation and maintenance services
• Installation of landscape lighting features
• Snow removal and ice control

Get more details about these services by visiting the website of Shannon Lawn & Landscaping.

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