Friday, May 12, 2017

Concrete Colour Systems: Bringing Colour and Life to Concrete

Concrete Colour Systems

Concrete is most commonly used in residential and commercial construction projects. It is considered as one of the most functional construction materials available today. It can be used to build bridges, sidewalks, highways, houses, and skycrapers.

Because of its plain grey colour, it often needs coating or overlay application. To help home and building owners achieve a more attractive home or commercial building, Colour Concrete Systems has started manufacturing a number of different decorative concrete colouring and texturing systems.

Their range of decorative concrete is ideal for new and existing concrete, both for residential and commercial buildings and spaces. They are also committed to environmental sustainability through:

  • the use of renewable energy resources
  • the recycling of raw materials
  • the development of environmentally friendly concrete sealers

As a result, consumers will benefit from:

  • low odour concrete sealers and coatings
  • fewer vapours emitted into the atmosphere

Decorative Concrete Floors
Advantages of decorative concrete from Concrete Colour Systems

1. Increased aesthetic appeal

There is an endless visual design options to choose from that would suit various styles and preferences. Pick from their extensive range of colours, textures, and patterns that are also cost-effective.
  1. Durability
One of the key features of decorative concrete is durability. The products manufactured by Concrete Colour Systems meet the high standards required by the Australian building and design industries. Their products last long and can withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy traffic.
  1. Low maintenance
Decorative concrete doesn’t require much maintenance. All it takes is the application of a sealer once in every four years, which is not at all bad. Sealing concrete will assist with cleaning and minimise staining.

Other products

Besides decorative concrete sealers and coatings, Concrete Colour Systems also offers landscaping stones and pebbles for your outdoor living space. Their Gondwana stones come in various sizes and colours.  
Landscaping Stones

They are perfect for:   
  • decorative pots   
  • water features
  • ponds
  • lawns
  • gardens

Why choose Concrete Colour Systems

Concrete Colour Systems have specialist applicators who have the right knowledge, skills, and experience to successfully accomplish sealing and resealing projects.

You can contact the CCS helpline to get in touch with their experienced applicators. Their specialists will visit the site, prepare a written quote, and complete the project. 

All you have to do is provide them with a brief description of the project, including the approximate size of the area, the look you want to achieve, any issues or challenges, and your estimated timeline.

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