Wednesday, March 29, 2017

TS EXPORT – Your Best Partner When It Comes To Importing Cars And Parts From Japan

Did you know that most exporters will offer you just a fraction of what is actually available in Japan? So how exactly will you have access to everything that is available in the Japanese Domestic Market? Can you actually find out the real prices without the hidden dealer markups?

With TS EXPORT, you can definitely source from auctions, dealers, wholesalers, recyclers, retailers, and even from private sellers. This further means that you can buy as if you are currently living in Japan, giving you the best prices and the most choice.

How It All Began

In 1983, Tsuchiyama Sangyo was established in Japan. The For more than a quarter century, the company has been successfully trading. 2013 marked their 30 years of service. It began as a provider of specialised non-ferrous and ferrous welding services.

In the 1990s, a group of importers approached the company. They were frustrated by how difficult it is to source automotive stock in Japan without an ongoing daily presence on the ground in Japan actively sourcing stock or without a reliable multi-supplier network in place. TS EXPORT started to meet this need. They developed supply networks, an Export Centre and holding yards. Also, they made such services available to other clients worldwide.

Without even knowing, the company had pioneered Japan Export Services. TS EXPORT can help you in getting the stock that you want. They will also give you access to the full range of suppliers – even those that normally are out of bounds to foreign-based importers.

Moreover, TS EXPORT collects and stores stock on your behalf so you can ship full containers for the lower landed cost, giving you the ability to beat your competitors.

TS EXPORT growth was through word of mouth, repeat business from on-going clients, and referrals. In December 2007, they launched their website -

Due to the fact that TS EXPORT has already shipped hundreds of thousands of stock items throughout the world, you can definitely source and ship with confidence if you choose to partner with them.

Why Choose TS EXPORT

  • They are a long established company, government approved, fully licensed and independently monitored and verified
  • You can get access to five exclusive systems since these are just available through TS EXPORT
  • You get to enjoy the convenience of online listings, your personal trading account and client portal
  • You will have more choices when choosing the best stock and best shipping and banking options
  • They offer better terms with Pay As You Go
  • They offer better Facilities, Service and Support
  • They offer condition guarantee
  • You get to enjoy lower costs and verifiable pricing

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