Monday, March 27, 2017

Cotton Barons – Among The Best Bespoke Cotton Products Manufacturers Today

All types of businesses must promote themselves using different means. And these will include the use of cotton bags that can be personalized with your unique logo. With the use of recyclable and biodegradable cotton bags, your company will definitely gain ecological image.

About Cotton Barons

Cotton Barons is a customer-orientated company where the attentive office team and skilled production unit bring cotton ideas to life. Their products are made for clients based on their needs and specifications. Every item is made from scratch to what the customers demand, creating bespoke products. They do not compromise on customization or construction. Also, they are not afraid of challenges.

They love beautiful things that are recyclable, durable and are made close to nature. All of the materials they use to create their products are sourced at fully certified and trusted EU fabric wholesaler. They strongly believe that everything can be wrapped in cotton.

Products They Offer

Cotton Bags – For the past 15 years, Cotton Barons have been using 100% cotton bags. They make cotton bags in different sizes and shapes.

Cotton Drawstring Bags – If you are searching for efficient packaging for gifts or vendor wrapping, they can make that for you. They offer bespoke pouches that are made from high quality cotton in various sizes and colours.

Aprons – In catering and hospitality industry, aprons are inseparable part of any promotional event. Customizing aprons by placing the logo of your company is a smart move. 

Bottle Bags – These are a vital part of wine shops, tasting events and brewery. Stylish and fantastic packaging is an excellent way of promoting any brand. Producers of gin, whisky and wine have opted for Cotton Barons’ bespoke bottle bags.

Cotton Zip Bags – There are plenty of variants to choose from. These will include make up, travel bags or zip pocket pouches.

Services They Offer

Printing – Throughout the years, their experience in screen printing has significantly grown.  They can transfer small or large images onto the fabric. They have a large printing house that is led by 3 experienced teams working 24/7 during peak season.

Embroidery – This service is available with a wide range of vibrant thread colours. Moreover, they also offer metallic and fluorescent threads to satisfy everybody’s taste.

Label – They offer a wide range of textile labels in order to meet everyone’s taste. These will include printed nylon labels, printed cotton labels, printed satin labels, and embroidered woven labels.

Sampling – They offer samples of their work to customers. Cotton Barons fully understand that sampling allows customers to have a better understanding of the cotton product prior to making a purchase.

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