Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mobile Aid: Providing Reliable In-Store And Ambulatory Mobile Device Repair Services

leading mobile device repair service provider in Dubai

The latest devices from the largest tech brands in the world, which include Apple, Samsung, Sony, Blacberry, LG, and HTC, costs hundreds of dollars. You won’t be able to get the newest model or a genuine one for just a hundred dollars.

For many tech aficionados who spent a fortune on their mobile device, finding out that their beloved gadget is broken or isn’t working properly could mean the end of the world for them. This is especially true for individuals who use their device for their work or business. Without the ability to communicate with their key clients or customers or be connected to their social media accounts, they will be losing out a lot of potential business.

The Option Of Having Your Broken Device Repaired

For a lot of people, having a broken gadget or device means it’s time to go shopping again. They choose to immediately throw away this item once the screen is cracked or it is not functioning to their liking. However, everyone should know that this isn’t the available option; broken mobile devices can still be repaired.

When you choose to have your broken gadget repaired instead of immediately buying a new one, you get to save a lot of money. This is because this option is way cheaper than shopping for a new device. You also get to help reduce environmental waste since you avoid throwing away your gadget which may not be recycled.

trusted mobile device repair service provider in Dubai

A Trusted Mobile Device Repair Service Provider

In Dubai, one of the leading providers of repair services and solutions for broken mobile devices is Mobile Aid. Mobile Aid has a repair shop located at the Al Hilal Building, Ground floor, Office 14, Garhoud, Dubai. However, if you are in need of their services, you don’t have to visit their store; their expert technicians can come to you.

Mobile Aid carries a wide range of high quality, genuine electronic products and parts in stock.  All their items and services are guaranteed to save your smart phone, iPad, iPod or tablet from dying on you. Their trained technicians are skilled in repairing smartphones, tablets, iPods, iPads, Mac, and any other broken or malfunctioning electronic gadget. Most of all, you don’t have to spend time bringing your gadget to their shop since you can schedule a pick-up of your device via their website. They will then carry out the necessary repair services and deliver your gadget back to you, good as new.
reputable mobile device repair service provider in Dubai

Mobile Aid’s Specialty

Mobile Aid specializes in various repair services and solutions for both Android and iOS operating systems. Their technicians are trained and skilled in repairing devices under the following brands:

• Apple
• Samsung
• Nokia
• Motorola
• Sony
• LG
• Blackberry

Read more about Mobile Aid and their services on this link.

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