Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Asset Focus – Providing Routine House & Property Inspections In Perth

When it comes to property investing, be sure that you are getting an excellent purchase. When it comes to pre-purchase home inspection services, there are experts who can help you. Asset Focus is one of them.

About Asset Focus

Asset Focus is the leading independent building inspectors in Perth and rental report service in WA. Originally, they just focused on local property condition reports. They have expanded in order to meet the market need for a service offering all types of report through the entire WA.

After more than 8 years, they grew to become the biggest property report business in Perth that offers professional and independent property reports. Since 2006, they have grown through product and service enhancements, combined with state-of-the-art systems that streamline operations.

They currently have a team comprised of skilled staff including a large team of property inspection specialists that service all areas of the Perth Metropolitan area.  Today, they are proud to say that they are a complete one-stop-shop for all property inspections, committed to deliver any report, anywhere at any time.

Their Offered Services

  • Property Condition Reports – A detailed report that accurately describes a property’s current condition before a tenant taking possession.
  • Routine Inspections – A concise report that may identify any damage or concerns to a property.
  • Inventories – This is a full list of items to be included as part of a rental agreement.
  • Final Bond Inspections – A comprehensive report showing discrepancies from the original property condition report and the property’s condition when the tenant vacates.
  • Viewings For Rental Letting – Their staff members will open a property for prospective tenants to view.
  • Commercial Inspections – A detailed report accurately describing the commercial property’s condition.
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection For Investors – A comprehensive report showing an unbiased view and full inspection of the property you want to purchase.

Who Can They Help

Property Managers – They can show you how to make more profit without raising a sweat. Most property managers manage just about 85-100 properties annually. They can show you how you can efficiently manage more. What is great about it is that you do not need to work harder and it won’t even cost you one cent extra. They have a system for every manager wanting to take their portfolio to the next level.

Landlords – They will help save you time and money in inspections and fees. They provide a flat rate annual deal for your rental inspections. They are the very first to have their inspections accessible electronically; hence, your inspection can be sent to you via the Internet.

Tenants – They will help protect your bond and your rights. You do not have to rely on your word against theirs. They can inspect the property before you move into it. So when you move out, you won’t have an argument with the landlord or agent regarding the property’s condition. Asset Focus can take the hassle out of checking your report. Moreover, they can help you avoid traps and pitfalls because they are independent – they are actually on your side.

You can learn more about Asset Focus and the services they offer at www.assetfocus.com.au

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