Monday, April 18, 2016

Easy Fire Safety – Offering The Best Quality Fire Protection Products Today

Fire is among the detrimental yet preventable incidences that can happen at any property, damaging not just your belongings but also your lives. Hence, it is very important for property owners to consider investing in high-quality fire protection products. Among the best suppliers of such products is Easy Fire Safety.

About Easy Fire Safety

Easy Fire Safety is an independent British stockist of UK supplied, fully approved, quality fire protection products – from fire extinguishers to safety signs to first aid equipment. Their suppliers will include names like Thomas Glover, Kidde, Fire Depot, Jalite, and Chubb Fire.

Their aim is to take the guesswork out of purchasing fire safety products by providing you with clear information in plain English so you can make a well-informed choice, categorizing their products based on their intended purpose, and making sure that if you call them, they will have experienced staff who can advise you about the best possible solution for your requirement.

Due to the fact that they are supported by the leading trade suppliers and that your order will be distributed directly from their own warehouse, they are sure to provide you only with the best products at the best possible prices.

The Easy Fire Safety website is backed up by a team of real people, each one of them are equipped with the right knowledge and experience so they are sure to answer your queries as well as provide you with solutions for all your fire safety requirements.

At Easy Fire Safety, they do everything they can in order to simplify the process of purchasing fire safety products while providing great value for money along with excellent customer service.

Services They Offer

Extinguisher Service – This is suitable for all premises. An annual service visit is required; however, once every six months may be more appropriate for higher risk areas.

Commissioning & Install – This is includes an on-site extinguisher commissioning service along with wall fixing installation. This is also suitable for all premises. Be reminded though that commissioning can’t be done before sending to you. This further means that any company offering to supply extinguishers with a service label already filled out or perhaps commissioned before dispatch must be avoided at all costs.

Wall Fix Safety Sign – They can fix your safety signs in the correct location using high-quality materials to ensure compliance with Fire Regulations as well as for longevity of the sign.

Easy Fire Safety Survey – Their specialist fire safety survey will make sure that business premises comply with all the latest fire regulation for fire extinguishers and safety signs. Take note though that this survey does not replace a Fire Risk Assessment, a legal requirement for the Regulatory Reform Order.

These are just some of the services they offer. Apart from excellent services, they also offer various fire safety products. These will include fire extinguishers, smoke and fire alarms, fire brigade equipment, safety signs, wall fixing brackets, first aid kits, and many more.

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