Sunday, April 3, 2016

A Review On DigiEnable

Most businesses today, big and small, already have their own website. They have come to realize that they need to catch up with technology to meet the growing needs of their customers and to reach more potential customers. However, having a website does not actually mean that you are already on the same level as your competitors. You may have a website but it doesn’t get noticed mainly because of poor content and lack of effective promotional strategy. Hence, you need the help of the experts in SEO, content marketing and social media promotion.

About DigiEnable

DigiEnable is one of the most trusted and most recommended companies that offers expert services for SEO, content and social media marketing and digital marketing training. The business focuses on making its clients experts in their niche, helping them develop compelling content to drive more interest from their target audience and creating effective social media and SEO strategy that will work best for the type of business they have.

DigiEnable was founded in 2012. Its founders are Darren Jenkinson, a media trainer turned content marketer who loves to help businesses grow through effective digital marketing and Liz Hardwick, a digital storyteller who supports businesses in creating compelling media and delivers workshops and talks on social media, video and online promotion across the UK.

DigiEnable’s Services

For businesses that need expert help in making use of digital technology to boost business growth, DigiEnable offers the following services:

- Content marketing services
- Done-for-you article writing
- SEO services
- Digital and social media training
- Content marketing training

Contact Information

Contact DigiEnable through their website which contains all important information you need such as their phone number, email address and office hours. You can also use their contact form for your general inquiries, questions and comments.

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