Monday, March 7, 2016

Snowy Joey: The Leading Kids’ Party Hire Business In Australia

Snowy Joey
One of the goals when organizing an event is to provide guests with fun and excitement most especially for kids’ parties. To achieve this, individuals hire numerous event equipment and services that can match their event like bouncy castles, trampolines, and also catering. With regard to catering services, individuals need to make sure that they provide something that can accommodate an exciting event. So, the best solution is to hire kids’ party hire business like Snowy Joey.

Things you need to know about Snow Joey

Snowy Joey is known to provide event hire services since 2006. The company offers snow cone hire packages for kids and even business events. When opting for such package, you can obtain the following.
  • Free Delivery & Pickup
  • 1 Uniformed Operator
  • Everything Included such as ice, cups, eskies
  • Personalised Signage
  • Professional, Fun Setup
  • $20 Million Public Liability Insurance
Apart from snow cone machines, Snowy Joey also provides snow cone syrups. These syrups are Aussie made, ready-to-use syrups available for businesses and individuals to buy in 4 bottle sizes. However, you need to call or email the company to pre-order if you want to pick up the syrups yourself from Snowy Joey HQ in Brisbane since they are not a shopfront.

Snow Joey’s business and fundraising services

Snowy Joey
Other than snow cone hire services, Snowy Joey also provides business and fundraising services.

Fundraising services – Snowy Joey’s fundraising services help sports clubs and schools fundraise $1,000 every year with fun treats kids love. As of now, Snowy Joey has raised over $100,000 cash for hundreds of local Aussie sports clubs and schools with their snow cone stands and fairy floss stands that kids love.

Business services – Snowy Joey’s business services is ideal for individuals who wish to start their own snow cone shop. With this service, Snowy Joey will provide you with 1 Electric Powered Snow Cone Machine, 400 Snow Cone Cups, 400 Spoon Straws and 5 750ml Syrup Flavours. In case you want to be successful in this business, Snowy Joey also offers a 7-Day 'How To Start A Snow Cone Stand Business' Course.

Snowy Joey’s How To Start A Cone Stand Business’ Course

When opting for such course, individuals will learn the following:

Snowy Joey
Lesson1: The exact food licenses, health and safety licenses, and local council registration that are required to run a snow cone stand business.

Lesson2: The 2 types of snow cone machines, the tools you need to sell more snow cones with each type of machine, and the best type of machine to use based on your specific situation.

Lesson3: The 2 types of snow cone syrups, the difference between the two and how you can get syrups that soak into the ice, instead of syrups that sink to the bottom of the cup.

Lesson4: The 4 options to source ice for your snow cones, the pros and cons of each option and the perfect temperature to set your chest freezer at to get white fluffy snow cones.

Lesson5: How many sizes of snow cone you should have, the best pricing to increase your average sale price, and the reverse up-sell strategy Snowy Joey uses to make more money from every snow cone they sell.

Lesson6: The 1 type of event you need to look for to make $500+ per event.

Lesson7: You will learn how to find $500+ events in your local area, how to initiate contact with the event organiser, how to follow-up and how to get new event bookings for your snow cone stand.

In case you want to know more about Snowy Joey, you can visit them at to create better kids’ events.

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