Wednesday, March 2, 2016

MAP Management Consultancy – Best Provider Of Management Services In The Construction & Property Development Industry

If you are in the property development or construction industry, it is a must that you get high level management services to stay on the competition. Also, you must be flourished with experience and knowledge from backgrounds of suppliers, contractors, developers and consultants, along with investment experts.

MAP Management Consultancy

MAP Management Consultancy is considered the premier provider of Construction Management, Project Management, Program Management, and Development Management services across different sectors, which create spaces representing brands and optimistically influencing how people interact with their environment. This management service provider was founded in 2003.

Its success can be attributed to 2 fundamental factors – a commitment to compliance, quality and service excellence, and a high-caliber team of experts. With more than 85 years of collective experience in the construction industry, they surely can deliver first-class projects and programs in property development, construction, and design of various complexities and scales in the MENA region and Asia.

Services They Offer

Client Representation – They represent client’s requirements on the development scheme with the authority to determine these needs as well as to resolve any conflicting issues. They become an extension of the client. They act as a single point contact between the client and the project team, ensuring the smooth flow of information. Whenever necessary, the marketing demands of the development are combined with the practical project delivery and implementation.

Project Management – Throughout the entire lifecycle of a project, they provide efficient project management. Their team can handle different types of developments across commercial, hospitality, and residential sectors.

Commercial Management – Meticulous project planning is very crucial in ensuring the success of a project. And as part of their risk management, there will be no room for any mistake throughout the process. Since they have eye for detail and the dedication to discover every opportunity for improvement, they identify gaps in different aspects of your project. To safeguard their clients, they put pro-active contract and commercial protection in place.

Development Services – They fully understand what makes a certain project unique, profitable, and attractive to buyers. These services will include development management, feasibility study, and property fund management.

Investor Services – They have been among the trusted investment partners that offer expertise in property management and development since 2003. These services include asset management, acquisition and investment advisory, and property valuation.

Design Services – From architectural concept management to five-star luxury hotel interior finishes, they have earned the reputation of providing innovative design solutions combining optimal functionality with aesthetics. Their design services include 3D rendering, interior design, architectural design, and landscape design.

Management Solutions – They deliver strategy consulting services to revive distressed companies in terms of acceptable levels of solvency, liquidity and cash flow, and profitability. They offer project distress recovery, management consultancy, and occupational health and safety.

Career Opportunities

They are constantly looking for the best candidate for the job. They employ professionals of all discipline who can provide solutions to complete and deliver projects. If you have the ambition, drive, energy and looking for a challenge, join their team now. Contact them for their current vacancies and find your most suitable role at MAP Management Consultancy.

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