Sunday, February 7, 2016

ZIWIRA - An International Eco-Information Portal & Sustainable Product Marketplace

The Internet offers plenty of information that can easily be accessed by everyone. Basically, if you need to know something about a certain topic, you can just search it online. Whether your interest lies in travel, fashion, business, technology, auto, business, finance or lifestyle, there is an international portal you can trust.


ZIRIWA is among the largest resources for information which covers environmentalism, sustainability, and green initiatives around the world. They have writers from all corners of the planet along with key partnerships with internationally renowned news outlets. Indeed, no one is far better equipped to cover the broad interest in sustainability, in all of its aspects, than ZIRIWA. They cover all interests with excellent journalism and powerful imagery which capture the hearts and minds of various readers worldwide.

Their marketplace will allow consumers to put their mind at ease whilst they browse a wide range of products from around the globe. Their updated and informative coverage offers consumers vital formation for them to come up with well-informed buying decisions.

B2B Eco-Commerce Platform

They offer a robust B2B eco-commerce platform where people, profit, and planet take precedent. If you become one of the organizations that align with them, know that you will not just benefit from joining a global network of the finest green professionals, but will have ease of access to plenty of environmental knowledge as well. Apart from that, partnering with them will likewise demonstrate to various industries that you are indeed very committed to preserving the environment – something that is very crucial in today’s green society.

Why Choose Us

Be aware that ZIRIWA is not just an online search engine and marketplace. As compared to other digital platforms, they are an unparalleled directory and news hub for different environmental issues with information on the latest technological developments, special events, industry-related data, and the current eco-news from their team of writers and content partners. Also, they connect users with lots of industry professionals all across the world, and to numerous companies selling their products and services.

With a wealth of resources that can easily be accessed, ZIRIWA is indeed a professional necessity. It is an invaluable tool for connecting eco-conscious individuals with the newest products, practices, and developments in the field.

ZIWIRA Sponsorship

If you have eco-friendly projects or ideas at hand, they can support you. They have pioneers and thought-leaders who are constantly searching people like you. ZIWIRA’s “Idea Center” will provide the ideal digital stage for likeminded people to voice their entrepreneurial plans and opinions for the environment. Their talented team will review popular and well though-out designs or concepts. If it floats, you can actually receive more than 3 million dirhams of funding. Apart from that, they also offer corporate sponsorship for global “green” events, programs, and projects. You can learn more about this at

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