Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Knowing What Medical Village Has To Offer

For many people from different parts of the globe, Dubai is considered as one of the best places to go to when it comes to fashion and beauty. It becomes a hub for those who are so into improving their physical look. This is even one of the main reasons why many people come to visit Dubai aside from its beautiful scenery and breathtaking adventures that excite more tourists.

Medical Village

Dubai has cosmetic clinics that provide expert and advanced beauty solutions to help people achieve the perfect look that they want. Among the best and most trusted beauty clinics is Medical Village. Medical Village offers not just beauty solutions but also dental solutions as well. Dubai locals trust this clinic as it provides affordable yet world-class services. So if you are planning to enhance your beauty and achieve that younger-looking skin and a perfect set of teeth, check out the services provided by Medical Village. Dr. Hamid Taghaddos is the founder of Medical Village. He is a General Surgeon since 1992 and was among those who first introduce laser technology for many different skin problems.

The Services That Medical Village Has To Offer

Many people visit Dubai not only to enjoy its scenery and fun activities but also to get the best beauty treatment solutions. Check out some skin and dental solutions offered by Medical Village below:

- Dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is also among the best services provided by Medical Village. The company has expert dentists who use the newest technology and tools in order to provide its clients the best dental solutions to achieve their goals of having whiter and healthier teeth and gums.

- PicoSure solutions. PicoSure is the latest skin care solutions introduced in the Middle East by Dr. Taghaddos. PicoSure is used for scar removal, tattoo removal, skin pigmentation, skin tightening and revitalization.

- Treatments. There are other skin treatment solutions that you can take advantage of such as laser hair removal and other dermatology services.

How To Contact Medical Village

Medical Village has a website which contains all information you need in order to get in touch with one of its professionals such as their phone number, email and clinic address. Their hours of operation are also indicated on their website.

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