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NLP And Coaching Courses You Can Take Up At The Transformations Institute

leading personal and professional development training centre in the UAE
NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming pertains to a set of tools individuals use for personal change and development. NLP offers powerful ways to create goals, reach them faster and with superior ease, resolve personal or work-related issues, and reduce stress or accompany change.

NLP found its roots in California in the 1970s. But like most schools of thought, its origin stretches further back than the seventies – notably to the philosopher and anthropologist Gregory Bateson (1910 – 1980) and renowned linguist Noam Chomsky (born in 1928). Back then, NLP was used as an investigatory tool in therapy.

NLP Today

Although NLP found its beginning in therapy, it has now developed in many different directions, modelling excellence in other fields. NLP soon became influenced by many bodies of knowledge, from cybernetics to person-centred therapy. Theorists such as Robert Dilts, Judith de Lozier, Stephen Gilligan and Steve and Connie Rae Andreas have developed a remarkable range of powerful models and techniques in NLP.

NLP is now used in business, personal development, HR and training, sales, teaching, coaching, management and leadership, health, marketing and sports.
trusted personal and professional development training centre in the UAE 

Where To Take Up An NLP Course In Dubai

Transformations Institute offers a variety of NLP and coaching courses in Dubai. This training centre provides world-class consultancy and training to promote human development for individuals, families & businesses.

Transformations Institutes has the most qualified associates and consultants, specialising in various areas of counselling, psychotherapy, NLP and coaching. They are led and guided by the centre’s principal consultants, Dr. Leila Edwards and Phil Edwards. They also work in association with a number of specialists, international consultants and organisations to provide top-notch training and courses.

reputable personal and professional development training centre in the UAE

Transformations Institute’s NLP And Coaching Courses

Below are the NLP and Coaching courses you take up at Transformations Institute:

• NLP Licensed Coach Program
• NLP Coaching 1: Foundation
• NLP Coaching 2: Practice & Accreditation
• NLP Practitioner
• NLP Master Practitioner
• NLP for Health Professionals
• NLP for Educators
• NLP for Parents

These courses are designed to help you unlock the secrets of influence and success. Under these programmes, you will learn how to use dynamic and powerful tools to build your personal framework for enhanced motivation, effective communication and model excellence. You will also learn how to improve all areas of your life including business, education and family and personal relationships.

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How Transformations Institute Can Help Change Your Life

Through the various courses they offer, Transformations Institute can help you improve your personal and professional skill, increase your capabilities, fulfil your highest potential and boost your creativity, innovation and achieve transformational change.

The associates and consultants of Transformations Institute combine theory and practice and use state-of-the-art evidence-based applied behavioural science and technologies and self-awareness techniques to help you start to think in an open mode, stimulate and apply imagination, channel creative energy, master new skills and make the key choices needed to change the quality of your life and realise your vision of success and well-being.

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