Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Transformations Institute – The Leading Personal And Professional Development Consultants In The GCC

Many individuals today would want more time, freedom, money, happiness, fulfilment, and good health. If you are one of them, know that you can certainly change your life for the better. And Transformations Institute can be your partner.

About Transformations Institute


Transformations Institute provides world-class consultancy as well as training to promote human development for individuals, families, and businesses. They enable their clients to boost their productivity, enhance memory, learning and concentration skills, lessen their stress levels, learn and work smarter, creatively resolve any problem, as well as enjoy greater self-esteem and confidence.

With a combination of theory and practice, revelation of powerful self-awareness techniques, and utilization of sophisticated and evidence-based applied behavioural science and technologies, they demonstrate how to be open-minded, harness creative energy, stimulate and apply imagination, learn and master new skills, and make the important choices required to transform the quality of your life so that you are sure to achieve your vision of success and well-being.

Dr. Leila Edwards and Phil Edwards are their two principals. Also, they work in association with plenty of specialist international consultants and organizations.

Services They Offer


Introductory Workshops – They provide a free introduction about the ABC of NLP, NLP Coaching, and Career Opportunities in both Therapy and Coaching.

NLP & Coaching – Learn dynamic and powerful tools to build your personal framework for enhanced motivation, efficient communication and modelling excellence. With NLP & Coaching, you can certainly improve all areas of your life which include education, business, and family & personal relationships.

Courses – They offer many personal and professional development courses. These include Professional Practitioner Training for Therapists, Advanced Breathing Therapy, Assertiveness & Communication Skills, Stress Management, Accelerated SuperLearning, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT, Emotional Intelligence, Skills & Competencies, NLP for Parents, Educators, and Health Professionals, NLP Coaching, and many more. You can learn more about these courses by checking out now.


Facts About NLP


NLP is considered the number one method for modelling human excellence via enhanced communications and influencing, thus promoting both personal achievement and corporate success. It was first developed in the USA by Dr. Richard Bandler. For more than 3 decades, Dr. Bandler has been very committed to develop new ideas, techniques, tools, as well as models for the advancement of human evolution. In fact, many people all around the world provided testimony to his capability of helping them on how to live their lives with greater happiness, and most importantly, freedom.

Benefits You Can Get From Transformations Institute


  • Boost your creativity and innovation
  • Achieve transformational change
  • Fulfill your highest potential
  • Enhance your capabilities
  • Improve your personal and professional skills

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