Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Oscar Hunt: The Leading Custom-Made Tailoring Suit Shop In Melbourne

When it comes to fashion, women stand out from men due to numerous dress designs, hairstyles and accessories. Little do they know, men are also fond of being stylish and luxurious. Thus, some men make use of flashy and chick suits.  In case that you live in Melbourne or any part of Australia, you can enjoy a wonderful and spectacular custom made suit from Oscar Hunt.

Facts about Oscar Hunt

Oscar Hunt is a custom-made suit tailoring shop located in Melbourne. The shop started providing custom-made suits in 2009.

Oscar Hunt completes their suit in their construction HQ in Shanghai, China. They utilise world-leading Gerber laser technology to cut out fabrics, resulting in an extremely precise fit.

Oscar Hunt also uses wool sourced from Australia. They change fabrics seasonally to make sure they have a suitable range of choices for clients.

Oscar Hunt ensures that your measurements, as well as a computer-based pattern, are stored on file.  This means that future purchases with Oscar Hunt are seamless.

Services of Oscar Hunt

Oscar For The Office – Some businessmen and employees make use of suit as their daily attire when going to work. With this, Oscar Hunt offers a wide variety of office suits. Not to mention, fitters of Oscar Hunt will also guide you through the key features that make up the functional work suit.

A Big Occasion – Oscar Hunt also offers a vast variety of suits for big events such as weddings and black tie evenings.

Sartorially Casual – Oscar Hunt also features casual range of fabrics that include cottons and linens as well as stunning checks and herringbone patterns for casual events.

Winter Warmers – Oscar Hunt even offers winter warmer in order to provide you with that extra layer of warmth that is a must for avoiding the cold.

Shirts For Every Occasion – Oscar Hunt also offers 100% cotton, which are tailored to you. You can also choose from over 500 different fabrics in different weights, compositions, colours and patterns.

Oscar Hunt’s Travelling Tailor service

As of now, Oscar Hunt also offers travelling tailor services. This service is for individuals who wish to create their own suit but do not have sufficient time to visit the shop. To provide you with the best suit, Oscar Hunt presents 3 stages.

Stage1: 1st Fitting - Your first fitting will take around 45 minutes where you will be measured and guided through all of the fabrics, cuts, styles and finishings.

Stage2: 2nd Fitting - Your second fitting will be conducted four weeks after your initial fitting. It is during this fitting that you will try on the garment (in a portable change-room if required).

Stage3: Hand Delivered - Once the adjustments are made the suit will be hand-delivered to your office, pressed and ready to be enjoyed.

In case you want to know more about Oscar Hunt, you can visit them at to enjoy the best custom-made tailor suit for you.

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