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Child Safe Environments: The Leading South Australian Child Safe Training Organisation

Child Safe Environments
Child abuse and neglect have increased drastically due to numerous reasons. For one, children are neglected due to work commitments. Next, children are abused due to family problems. And, the rate of child abuse and neglect is increasing due to the changes in the environment. Because of these, there are some children who experience poor living conditions.

With this said, there are individuals who wish to deal with this problem. However, before individuals can properly address this issue, they need to have sufficient knowledge and proper training. And, one of the best ways to achieve these goals is to opt for training course from Child Safe Environments.

What To Know About Child Safe Environments
  • Child Safe Environments is a website developed by a small South Australian training business called Child Safe Training.
  • Child Safe Training is a South Australian training organisation dedicated to improving the lives and futures of our children.
  • Child Safe Environments offers reliable child safe training for individuals, who wish to protect children and to provide them with a better future.
How purchase Child Safe Training Course

Child Safe Environments
As of now, Child Safe Environments presents two courses: the 7-hour program and the 3-hour refresher. Both training courses are essential for individuals to help children more efficiently. In case that you are planning to purchase this training course, here are some of the steps you need to accomplish.

Step 1: Find the right training course

The first thing you need to do when purchasing a training module is to find the right training course you need. Child Safe Environments offers courses such as “Training For Me” and “Training For Staff.”

Step2: Choose the program

After choosing the course, the next thing you need to do is to opt for the right program. If you are just starting, you need to opt for the 7-hour program. On the other hand, individuals who have finished the program can choose the 3-hour refresher.

Step3: Add to cart

In order to purchase the course, you need to add it in your cart.

Step4: Fill up the form

Next, you need to fill up a form. It is essential to provide accurate details to make your purchase easier and more efficient. After proceeding to the check out, you will see the option for a coupon code. This code is given for repeat customers.

Step5: Create an ID and password

Finally, you need to create a user ID and password.

Child Safe Environments
What are the payment options?

As of now, Child Safe Environments only accept payments through PayPal.

In case that you do not have a PayPal account, you can use your debit/credit card through PayPal.

Other payment options can also be considered for bulk/group purchases.

If you want to know more about Child Safe Environments, you can visit them at to ensure the future of children.

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