Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mathnasium – Best Provider Of After School Math Programs In UAE

Parents must know and understand and children today do not actually hate math; rather, they hate being intimated and confused by it. It is highly emphasized that with understanding comes passion; and with passion, there will certainly be growth. Thus, Mathnasium is putting sense to math lessons and math tuition in UAE.

The Home For Best Math Learning Program

Mathnasium is considered among the best in building Number Sense which is a deep understanding and love for mathematics whilst building confidence. Their main goal is to significantly increase the math skills of children, ages 3 years and up.

Mathnasium method and curriculum are great for all students’ starting point – they actually help students who are struggling with math through comprehensive explanation of the concepts in a manner that will make sense to them. Also, they help in boosting confidence with the subject f for students who are most likely to do well by giving them alternative and proven techniques. For students who are clearly ahead, they give a complete challenging experience.

Mathnasium emphasized that they have a certified and qualified team to serve you. Their educators hold a master’s degree, most of them in Math. Apart from that, they have been teaching in both schools and private tuition for several years already. Most importantly, they are trained by Mathnasium and are certified by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).

Mathnasium Curriculum

Mathnasium follows its own curriculum – this is actually what differentiates them from other learning centers and private tutors in Dubai. A joint effort as well as collaboration between students, parents, and Mathnasium teachers will better gear the design of every tailor-made learning plan and guarantee a complete alignment with school materials and program.

The heart of Mathnasium Curriculum is comprised of Counting, Wholes & Parts, and Proportional Thinking & Change.

Mathnasium Method Techniques

  • Mental – Students will be taught when and how to make use of mental math techniques. This will allow them to dispense with needless paper-and-pencil work and focus on the task at hand.
  • Verbal – Language is being used as a very important part of the program. Students are being taught about the root words in the mathematics context. Also, they are taught on how they can easily explain their thought process and reasoning verbally.
  • Visual – Mathematics make use of charts, pictures and tables to explain concepts and ideas. Mathnasium helps students by providing insights into problems that transcend the written words.
  • Tactile – Manipulatives are sometimes used in order to explain, introduce or reinforce skills and concepts. Mathnasium carefully monitors the transfer of knowledge form manipulatives to other aspects of learning.
  • Written – A necessary component of mathematics education is written practice with computation – Mathnasium indeed provides for abundant practice.

Learn more about Mathnasium and how they can help your child better understand or even love mathematics now.

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