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Aquacert - Helping You Get Rid Of Legionella Bacteria

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Legionella bacteria has been known for many years as a pathogenic group that can cause a lot of diseases hence, the relentless efforts of so many organizations to help prevent these bacteria which thrive in any bodies of water from proliferating. Aquacert, for one, is one among the many organizations that strive hard to help rid of these disease-causing bacteria. Offering legionella testing kits, they have helped a lot of households in the United Kingdom be free from legionella bacteria.

Aquacert’s General Legionella Bacteria Testing Procedure

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Aquacert helps household or any establishments such as leisure centers, gyms, fitness centers, swimming pools, spas, Jacuzzis, football stadiums, sports fields, and events management test their water system for the presence of legionella. The procedure is very easy so there’s nothing to worry about. Even the non-techie person can perform the procedure. In three steps, you can be legionella bacteria worry-free.

First, they will send you a sterile bottle which you will fill with water from your showers and hot taps. Once ready, you can inform them and place it in the bag that is supplied together with the bottles. Lastly, they will collect it and perform the necessary laboratory analysis on it. When the results are available, they will inform you. Indeed, an easy procedure. Also, it is very inexpensive so there’s no reason you can’t try this.

Different Testing Kits For Different Water Systems

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Testing kits come in different procedures for different water systems. There are kits for drinking water, showers, hot water, calorifiers and water, heaters, drinks machines, cold water storage, and tanks. For instance in drinking water, there are potable water quality test kit post and pre flush that you can use to check if you are really drinking a safe potable water.

Why You Should Take Advantage Of Water Testing Kits

There are many reasons why bacteria proliferate. It can be because the water temperature rises, the water outlets are rarely used, there are deadleg pipework, water is stored in tanks that have no lids, and water can already be contaminated from hand washing or meat preparation, etc. Some of these you can prevent but most not. It is important that every water source that you use should be tested.

Because of the huge importance of this test, aquacert offers a very user-friendly website to help educate everyone about this procedure. You can read through all about the kit and why this is very important for you and your family.

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