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TS-EXPORT: Helping You Invest In High Quality New And Used Trucks From Japan

Leading import and export company in Japan

There are several industries and businesses that rely on trucks and other types of heavy equipment for their day-to-day operations. Businesses involved in construction, delivery, forwarding and mining are just some of the specific enterprises that depend on and use different sizes and kinds of trucks. Without these vehicles, these companies would not be able to function and they can simply shut down since there is no other way for them to provide their services if they do not have the necessary trucks to utilise.

Companies can employ various strategies to own a fleet of trucks they can use for their business without breaking their banks for such an important endeavour. One of the best ways of saving some money when investing in a fleet of vehicles is by having these imported by a trusted import and export company from Japan. 

reputable import and export company in Japan


TS-EXPORT is one of the leading and most established import and export companies in Japan. The company was established in 1983. It is now a second generation firm and has been industry leaders for more than 30 years now.

The company aims to help businesses by taking their perspective and assisting them get the stock that they actually want or need. TS-EXPORT will give you access to a wide range of suppliers for more options and the best prices. The firm can also help you collect and store stock for you so you can ship full containers for the lowest landed cost, helping you to save money yet get the vehicles, equipment, parts or accessories you need. 

trusted import and export company in Japan

Getting The Trucks You Need From Japan With The Help Of TS-EXPORT

TS-EXPORT can help you get any type and brand of new and used trucks from Japan. These trucks are from local auctions, dealers, wholesalers and other end users.

Below are some of the brands of high quality trucks you can get imported by TS-EXPORT:

• Toyota
• Hino
• Nissan
• Isuzu
• Mazda
• Mitsubishi
• UD
• Fuso
• Volvo
• Mercedes

The types of trucks you can get include:

• Dump
• Flatbed
• Refrigerated
• Freezer
• Wing
• Crane
• Tow
• Tanker
• Compactor
• Container trailer
• 4WD
• Prime mover
• Double cab
• Pickup

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The Benefits Of Working With TS-EXPORT

TS-EXPORT offers a variety of remarkable advantages and guarantees when you engage their services. These benefits include:

• You have more options for choosing the best stock, shipping and banking choices.
• You enjoy the convenience of online listings, extended hours, the services of your personal Trading Account and Client Portal.
• They offer lower costs and verifiable pricing.
• You get better support and services.

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