Sunday, November 30, 2014

TS EXPORT – Reliable Wholesale Exporters From Japan

Japan is known for manufacturing high performance and reliable cars of all kind. And this is actually the main reason why most car enthusiasts want to export cars, car parts and accessories from Japan. And when it comes to exporting cars, accessories and parts from Japan, know that there is a process that you have to undergo to ensure that what you are doing is legal. It is worth mentioning that today, with just a couple of mouse clicks, you can already buy your order and everything is well-taken care of. Your orders will be stored, containerized and shipped to you in full containers. This is all possible with TS EXPORT.


TS EXPORT was established in Japan in 1983. They can be your best and most reliable Japan partner. By working with them, you can actually have an access to everything that is being offered in the Japanese Domestic Market. You can actually know the real prices without those hidden dealer markups.

The company has been trading successfully for over a quarter century. Today, it is already a second generation company. The company started as a provider of specialized hardened ferrous and non-ferrous welding services. It was in 1990 that the company was approached by a group of importers who are frustrated by the difficulty of sourcing automotive stock in Japan.  TS EXPORT then met this need – they developed supply networks and holding yards and made these services accessible to all client groups all around the world.

Indeed, with TS EXPORT, you can source from auctions, retailers, recyclers, dealers, private sellers and even end users. This will further mean that you can buy like an insider, as if you are living in Japan and can fluently speak Japanese. Basically, working with TS EXPORT will provide you with the most choice and the best prices. Besides, TS EXPORT is known to be your one-stop-shop solution for importing from Japan.

Their Shipping Services

They can ship from all international ports in Japan toward all international ports in the world. They actually offer various shipping options in order to suit your needs. They can mix different stock types in a container. And you can check the status of your order though their Client Portal 24/7. Most importantly, they are known to offer you the best shipping rates from Japan.

Why Choose TS EXPORT?

  • Stock Choice - Full range of sourcing options from small and large auctions, local suppliers, private sellers, and dealers
  • Stock Range – Full range of stock types and they can ship different stock types in a similar container for full profitable shipments
  • Billing – Stock billed at actual cost plus flat service fee
  • Price Transparency – Transparent pricing with online verification and an itemized trading account. They will send you the freight forwarders account for verification.
Indeed, working with TS EXPORT will provide a lot of benefits. For more info about the company along with the services they offer, visit now.

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