Thursday, April 16, 2015

Making Water Clean The AquaCert Way

One of the most essential needs of individuals is water. With water, individuals can hydrate their body, which can help them replenish and reenergize. Water also helps individuals get rid of dirt and other mess in their house, car and even their body. And, water helps individuals grow plants for food.

Unfortunately, water these days must be filtrated and cleaned in order to get rid of bacteria and viruses that can cause diseases. One of the most common diseases individuals contract is Legionnaires’ disease caused by the inhalation of Legionella bacteria in the water. In order to get rid of such disease, it is best to work with companies like AquaCert.

Facts about Aquacert

•    AquaCert is company that offers an easy and inexpensive legionella water testing procedure for screening water for legionella bacteria.
•    AquaCert’s products are used in over 3000 premises in the Care Sector alone.
•    Aquacert offers an effective and reliable service anywhere in the United Kingdom at an affordable price.

AquaCert’s Products

Water is used all over the house. So, there are circumstances that Legionella bacteria can breed in your house anytime and anywhere. To help you get rid of legionella bacteria, AquaCert offers different products that can help you. Listed are some of the following.

•    Potable Water Quality Test Kit (Pre-Flush and Post Flush) – This kit is used to determine the quality of water coming out of the tap. In case that you do not obtain a good test with regard to your water, you can opt for a Post-Flush. This kit disinfects the tap to get rid of materials that can alter the results of the test.
•    Showerhead Plus – This product is used to clean and disinfect showerhead. As a result, you are sure that your showerheads are safe from Legionella bacteria.
•    Legionella Test for Hot Water Systems – Legionella bacteria commonly breed in any type of water systems most especially hot tubs, air conditioners and mist sprayers. With this said, it is important to make use of Legionella test for hot water systems to ensure that your water is safe at home or at work.
•    Legionella Test on Water Heaters & Calorifiers – Apart from water systems, it is also important that you check items that help you generate hot water for sinks such as calorifiers and heaters. To effectively test your heaters, you need to make use of Legionella test for heaters and calorifiers.

Where to use AquaCert’s products

Every individual can make use of AquaCert’s products. They can even use the products anywhere from Sports & Leisure (swimming pools, sports fields, spas and Jacuzzis), Transportation (Ships, boats and even trains) and Healthcare facilities (care homes and hospitals).

If you want to know more about Aquacert, you can visit them at to make water clean and safer.

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