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Satisfy Your Craving For Delicious Food And Meals With The Help Of Appetite Catering

leading food and catering company in Dubai

Everyone loves to eat. This is simply a global fact. Whether you are hungry or not, unless you have nerves of steel, you will immediately partake of any delectable savoury or sweet offered to or available to you.

Available Meal Options In Dubai

Residents in Dubai have a lot of options when it comes to dining or eating. They can choose to prepare and cook their own food in the comfort of their home. They can go to various fine dining and fast food restaurants to satisfy their cravings. There are also many store-bought ready-to-eat kinds of food or meals that they can simply heat in their home.

For important and not-so-special occasions or events, Dubai locals can choose to hire the services of professional caterers so that they can serve only the best dishes that all guests will enjoy and relish.

reputable food and catering company in Dubai

All About Appetite Catering

Aside from providing catering services, there is one company based in Dubai that not only offers specialises in catering but is also known for their delectable office sales menu or offerings.

Appetite Catering LLC was founded in July 2005 in Dubai by husband and wife Manar Al Jayouchi and Suzi Croft and their partner, Nabil, all self-confessed foodies. The company started off in as a small but efficient kitchen in Al Qusais with only two people. Appetite Catering then moved to their new premises in Al Quoz in September 2007.

The company has since added further premises and now has a team of more than 150 employees and is now fully HACCP accredited.

trusted food and catering company in Dubai
The Company’s Services And Offerings

Appetite Catering has a variety of scrumptious offerings and specialised services. These include:

Office sales.
The company has a team of dedicated sales people who visit offices daily with a wide range of appetizing and filling food including sandwiches, salads, wraps, meals, desserts, fruit salads, juices & smoothies. You can get in touch with the company to start availing of this service.

Retail sales.
You can purchase a selected range of Appetite Caterings scrumptious sandwiches and salads at Spinneys and other small grocery stores in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Catering and events. The company offers customised catering services for a variety of events, occasions or reasons. Whether you want just sandwiches or a little bit of everything, Appetite Catering has a delectable range of menus for any occasion. They cater from small office lunches to large gatherings, yachts and private parties, among others.  The company also offers full set ups with a large range of equipment and staff to take care of all your food and service needs.

Appetite Catering is also known for their mouth-watering menu that covers breakfast, lunch, buffet, dinner and coffee breaks. They also serve the best sandwiches, wraps, salads and meals.

To know more about Appetite Catering, their services and latest food offerings, visit

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