Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Key Solar – Using Solar Power As An Energy Source

With today’s rising power prices, many people are considering of using solar power instead. However, the initial cost is somewhat expensive. But most energy experts highly emphasized that the benefits solar power provides outweighs the cost. Using solar power is indeed a very worthy investment. In terms of solar installations, among the most sought-after experts is Key Solar.

About Key Solar

Key Solar is considered the experts in terms of solar installations in Australia. Jeff Connell, the owner, has been an electrical contractor for the past 25 years. He has huge interest in renewable energy. Due to the fact that he completed the Advanced Diploma of Renewal Energy Technology Certificate, he became fully accredited with the Clean Energy Council to design as well as install domestic and commercial solar systems anywhere in Australia.

You must know that in the past 5 years, he has installed more than 3,000 solar systems in South East Queensland and has done major projects in Hobart and Mackay. Most solar companies consult him to perform the electrical component of their installations. Also, he is oftentimes brought in to fix various disasters caused by unscrupulous and not qualified operators.

He highly emphasized that solar installations are among the most over-hyped and least understood products that are being marketed to homeowners these days. Thus, he provides an easy-to-understand Solar Buyer Guide to help those who want to use solar power in their properties.

Products & Services They Offer

Every installation is customized in order to suit your particular needs and budget. Also, they can provide advice regarding the best energy efficient solar inverter and solar panel combination. All the products they offer have full industry specific certifications and every solar install is indeed supported by industry leading manufacturers as well as installation warranties.

Moreover, every solar installation will receive a “Certificate of Compliance” which guarantees that your system has been installed professionally and by a certified, licensed electrician. Due to the fact that they are a member of the Clean Energy Council, they are accredited to design as well as install your system. With that said, you can trust that Key Solar is the right firm for your solar installation.

Products they offer will include roof kits, panels, and inverters. Also, they offer a Check Up and Clean service. Moreover, they provide an explanation on REC’s, STC’s, RET and Solar Credits.

Why Opt For Key Solar?

  • They are local – based on the Gold Coast.
  • They install high quality solar panels.
  • They handle all the necessary paperwork.
  • They guarantee that you are satisfied with their work since it is backed by product and workmanship warranty.
  • Their service does not end after installation.

You can learn more about Key Solar along with the products and services they offer at keysolar.com.au

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