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Exciting Styles And Designs Of Inflatable Play Equipment Offered By Perth Bouncy Castle Hire

leading bouncy castle hire company in Perth

Parents enjoy throwing parties for their kids in their home for various reasons: birthdays, christenings, or graduations. Your child can invite their friends and classmates to eat, play and engage in some fun activities. However, these parties tend to become repetitive and monotonous year in and year out if you always prepare for and have the same set of activities for each party. Before long, your child and his or her guests won’t find these events fun or exciting.

Having the right highlight or activity for a kid’s party can definitely make this event more fun, exciting and memorable. One option you can consider to make your child’s party more enjoyable is to hire a bouncy castle.

Bouncing Castles

Bouncy or jumping castles are temporary inflatable structures, buildings and similar items that are rented for various types of functions, particularly for children’s use. Inflatable castles are ideal for portable amusements for any reasons because they are easy to transport, install, take down and store.

Bouncing castles were originally rented out for school-related functions or events, church festivals and village fetes. However, due to their lower rental rates, they have become accessible to hire even for small children parties or events. There are various companies that specialise in renting out portable and inflatable play castles.

reputable bouncy castle hire company in Perth

Perth Bouncy Castle Hire

One of the leading companies in WA that specialise in bouncy castle hire is Perth Bouncy Castle Hire.

Perth Bouncy Castle Hire is a family-owned company based in Perth. They offer a wide range of jumping castles that they hire across WA. The company holds a 100% safety record and carries 20 million in Public Liability Insurance. The team of Perth Bouncy Castle Hire regularly cleans and maintains their jumping castles after every session and once a week to ensure safety and cleanliness for all the kids to play on.

Each of their jumping castles are made available at affordable rates which already includes set up, pack up and friendly family minded service.

leading bouncy castle hire company in Perth

Bouncy Castle Styles And Designs

Perth Bouncy Castle Hire carries a wide range of various designs and styles of inflatable and portable play equipment. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

Justice League. Be Superman, the Flash, Green Lantern or Wonder Woman. Unleash every kid’s inner superhero in them by renting a Justice League bouncy castle.

Dora Slide.
Set out for an adventure with Dora and Boots. Every child can re-enact their favourite episode of this popular cartoon through this jumping castle.

Princess Jump and Princess Slide. If your daughter loves all the Disney princesses, she will definitely love the Princess Jump or Princess Slide. Your daughter and her friends will certainly be enchanted with the beautiful images of Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, and the other Disney princesses featured on these inflatable castles.

Toy Story.
Who doesn’t love Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Rex, Slinky and the whole Toy Story gang? Your young ones will absolutely spend hours having fun and bringing out their imaginative side when they have this design of bouncy castle to play in.

Read more about the other designs and styles of jumping castles Perth Bouncy Castle Hire offers and how you can rent them on

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