Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Perth Bouncy Castle Hire: Making Simple Children’s Events Special

A birthday, children’s party, school event or perhaps a simple gathering; parents know that they need to make these events special for their kids. Thus, they need to look for options that can make the event more exciting. Luckily, opting for the services of Perth Bouncy Castle Hire is one of the best options.

What is Perth Bouncy Castle Hire?

Perth Bouncy Castle Hire is a company that features bouncy castles. These bouncy castles are ideal in any children’s event. It provides children enjoyment and excitement they need during events. The company boasts of their 100% safety record. The company also carries a 20 million Public Liability Insurance. Hence, you are sure that your kids are safe. With regard to safety and sanitation, the company checks and sanitizes their bouncy castles after every session.

Services of Perth Bouncy Castle Hire

First of all the company can provide you the ideal bouncy castle that can match your kids’ event.

Next, the company ensures that all their bouncy castles are safe and sanitized to ensure that your kids are safe while they play.

Finally, Perth Bouncy Castle Hire provides their services on time. They also install and pack up their items within 30 minutes. They also provide you with instructions to ensure that kids are safe as they play.

Perth Bouncy Castle Hire’s Castles

As of now, there are different types of bouncy castles you can choose from. These bouncy castles feature different themes, size and colours to match any event.

•    Princess Fairies – For kids who dream of being a princess, this bouncy is ideal for them. This castle has a size of 3.5m X 4.5m. The castle also has a rain cover.

•    Pirate Slide – In case that you wish to make your kid’s event more adventurous, you can opt for the Pirate Slide. The Pirate Slide measures 5m X 6m.

•    Toy Story – If your kid loves cartoons, the Toy Story will surely suit the event. The Toy Story measures 4m X 4m. The bouncy castle also features rain and sun cover. Thus, your kids can enjoy playing whether at any weather.

•    Spiderman Slide – The Spiderman Slide is also another goof option for any kid’s event. It measures 4m X 6m. However, it does not have a sun or rain cover.

In case that you need to know more about their services, you can visit them at to ensure that you can make simple children’s events more special and memorable.

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