Thursday, January 8, 2015

College Admission Central – Changing The Admission Game

It is a fact that getting accepted to college does not have to be very stressful and confusing. With the newest college admission technology along with a powerful team working for you, you will find yourself enrolled in one of the top universities or colleges in your area. When it comes to providing students a chance to shine for their dream colleges, look into College Admission Central now.

About College Admission Central

College Admission Central puts students back in control of their academic lives along with their bright future. They are there to assist students in removing some of the soul-stealing stress and confusion that usually comes with becoming a junior or senior high school student. They actually started with a completely clean sheet of paper. They set out to design as well as deliver a new system for college admissions assistance. This system is based on a deep understanding of the application process. It is leveraged with the best technology platforms nowadays, and delivered in the way students would want – fast and straight to the point. Their main difference is that they are not beholden to any outside organization. Also, they do not accept funds from colleges or any other related entities for preferred positioning.

Their Promise

College Admission Central says that you can find everything you need in one place. It is indeed delivered with excellent care. They are a very different kind of company wherein every student is empowered and prized in order to present themselves to college admission committees with strategy, art, craft, and intelligence. They will be able to provide you with the essential tools, resources, information, and assistance. In other words, they will provide everything you will need so as to succeed – the rest will be up to you.

Elements Of A Successful College Application

  • AdmissionMap™ - Gives you a step-by-step winning acceptance game plan & strategy.
  • CollegeJabber™ - This is your peer and expert advisor resource network.
  • PocketScheduler™ - These are tools to customize and organize your schedule.
  • EssaySuite™ - This is a total system to brainstorm, polish, craft, and organize your essays.
  • ResuMotiv™ - This will help you in creating and presenting attention-grabbing, high-quality resume.
  • AcceptanceMentor™ - This is a one-on-one personal coaching in order to help you in selecting the best school for your interests and aptitudes. Also, it will help you in coming up with persuasive application that will stand above the rest. This ensures that you will get accepted in the school you want.

So if you are a student having a hard time getting accepted in the university or college you want to enroll in, get help from College Admission Central now. For more info, check out

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