Wednesday, February 25, 2015

ZEP Finance: NSW’s Best Local Finance Broking Company

One of the essential needs of individuals today is to have their own house. Having your own house is important to provide better shelter for you and your loved ones. However, purchasing a house can be very frustrating since you need to spend substantial finances to get one, which can be impossible for typical workers. Therefore, the ideal option is to get a loan. When living in NSW, the best option to get loans is from the best local finance broking company, ZEP Finance.

ZEP Finance specialises in home loans for all residential property purchases including first home buyers and investment property. ZEP Finance also provides the right loan for your business, with commercial loans and asset equipment finance (cars or any large equipment such as tractors).

As of now, the company offers residential and loans services that can cater to your needs.

Residential Services

•    First Home Buyers – The company can help first time home buyers find the right loan for them. Experts can also help them with regard to paper works and explain the First Home Owners Grant.
•    Debt Consolidation – This service can help you reduce your debt quicker and make it easier to manage since you can consolidate all of your debts into one loan.
•    Property Investing - Investment loans are the specialty of ZEP Finance. The company has a personalised ‘Investment Loan Structure Sheet.’ This sheet includes all of the loan info for your property portfolio.
•    Refinance – Refinancing services can help reduce your repayments or can be used to borrow extra funds for renovations and other expenses for your house.

Loan Services

•    Personal Loans – From weddings, holidays, consolidate debt or large equipment purchases, ZEP Finance can provide you with the best personal loan that can suit your needs. Individuals can choose their loan terms from loan term (1 – 7 years) or repayment frequency (fortnightly or monthly).
•    Commercial Loans – ZEP Finance has a large panel of lenders with low document and non-confirming loans and short term finance that can help make your business become better and more successful.
•    Car Loans – May it be a regular car loan, Chattel Mortgage, Hire Purchase, Lease or Novated Lease, ZEP Finance can provide you the right loan with the help of lenders who specialise in car loans.
•    Asset and Equipment Finance – This loan can help you have Low Document finance, available for vehicles (minimum 2 years in business), Full document finance and New and Used vehicles.

Processes When Getting Services From ZEP Finance

If you are planning to get services from ZEP Finance easily, here are the processes you need to do.

1.    Firstly, book an appointment. You can do this by visiting and by going to their contact us page.
2.    You need to complete ‘ZEP Finance Client Form’ either online or on PDF, which is emailed to you.
3.    Arrange an appointment at a place and time that suits you.
4.    After the first appointment you will receive details of your financial capacity and potential loan scenarios.
5.    You can then apply for “pre-approval” or apply for a full loan.
6.    They will help you each step of the way including post settlement.

With the help of ZEP Finance you are sure that your lifestyle and future is safer and better.

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