Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hennessey LLC: Shaping Dubai Over The Years

Who else could run a successful construction company than a person who’ve had actual experiences in the field? With 30 years of experience in the construction industry, Des Hennessey decided to put his expertise to use by building a construction company in Abu Dhabi. Hennessey LLC (HLLC) has been offering its services to a lot of people and businesses in Dubai since 1997. Businesses all over Dubai and UAE are able to benefit from the company’s services such as landscaping, interior designs, pool construction, joinery, and more. The company continues to provide their services today to their residential and commercial clients.

Buildings and constructions
To show versatility, Hennessey LLC provides a wide range of services to their commercial and residential clients. To name a few of the products the company has completed: general works for building constructions, design services, civil works, build services, commercial modifications, swimming pool construction, reclamation works, and more. Landscaping is also a common service sought after by their clients, which usually include maintenance, interior designing, installations, joinery manufacture, etc. All of these services are offered to industrial as well as commercial areas.

Credibility proven
When in doubt about a company’s credibility, the best resource is the client list. With Hennessey LLC, you won’t have second thoughts about getting them as your contractor as they have the most prominent clients in the area of the Dubai and the whole UAE. With the trust and support their clients provide them, the company aims to continue providing quality services for their needs. Some of the clients of the company are the American Consulate, Amana Healthcare Clinic, Arabian Ranches Polo Club, Bulgari, Xerox, and a lot more. 

Quality Policy
One reason why a lot of clients trust HLLC is because of the assurance they provide that quality is always observed in all of the services they provide. They are able to do this by tailoring a quality plan that is specifically designed to meet their client’s requirements. HLLC management ensures that a regular audit is done to make sure that every implementation is done the right way and every project is completed the best way.

Hennessey L.L.C. is a reliable company that you can trust for your construction needs. They can easily be contacted through their website. The overall website is very user-friendly and you can easily find what you’re looking for. The site proves how the company has helped their clients in different ways. 

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