Thursday, February 26, 2015

Website Review: Hisham Wyne – A Presenter, Copywriter And MC In Dubai

Start-up businesses have a hard time competing with established businesses due to the fact that they are still new to the industry. But it does not mean that start-up businesses always fail. In fact, there are some that can even be more successful than the established businesses if they employ the right strategy that can bring them towards success. Among the best strategies both small and huge businesses can employ is to hire a reliable, qualified presenter for their business events. In Dubai, Hisham Wyne is among the most sought-after presenter.

About Hisham Wyne

Hisham Wyne is among the best presenters and MCs hosting awards, gala dinners, and conferences for agencies and global brands in Dubai. He is oftentimes among the best choices if you want your event to become memorable as he hosts events with high energy with an aim of delivering the right messages to your target audience. Apart from that, he is also known as among the best content specialists and freelance copywriters in the emirate. He actually creates engaging content for global brands across social media, traditional, and online.

Today, he works with various agencies. He offers excellent copywriting services so as to create persuasive content and campaigns. Most of his clients appreciate what he does. He claims that this might be the result of him being convenient and easy to work with. He usually liaises with the team who is in charge in order to pin down significant deliverables, ensure that his end of thing will flow smoothly, as well as know and understand what really makes the audience tick.

Aside from hosting corporate events ranging from exhibitions and conferences to eccentric product launches and team building, he also hosts and curates monthly comedy night in Dubai – One Night Standup. Above all, he works in front of a camera as an actor, cast member, and presenter.

Before any event that he is presenting, he actually has a mantra that he repeats over and over. He says, “It’s all in the preparation. About living and breathing the client’s brand for the few hours I’m on stage. Of making sure everyone is hitting their marks. And ensuring the audience is having a great time. It’s not about me, it’s all about making the client shine.”

What His Clients Say About Him?

According to Joe Akkawi, Managing Partner, Paz Marketing (2014), he has been consistently excellent over the years. He understands their clients along with any member of the team. Furthermore, he keeps their client happy.

According to Neviene Mustafa, Founder, Safe Counsel (2014), his text was spot on. In other words, Hisham’s text described perfectly what he wanted to do along with the value he could add.

These are just some of the testimonials of his satisfied clients. You can learn more about Hisham Wyne along with his offered services at

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