Sunday, February 15, 2015

Triathlon Research’s Training Camps – Getting You Ready For The Competition

Swimming, cycling and running are three sports completing the athletic competition called Triathlon. While it is a sport not much seen on television like soccer or basketball, quite a number of people are following and engaging into this sport as a hobby or as a profession. In many countries, there are triathlon competitions held regularly and the most notable in the world so far is the Ironman series. Every professional triathlete aims to compete with this highly prestigious event.

Triathlon Research’s Training Camps

Participants preparing for any triathlon competition are expected to train hard in order to have that stamina and endurance lasting throughout the race. Training camps help you get ready for the competition. Learn how to race like a champ. Join a triathlon camp. It gives you the benefit of training without distraction and directly learning tips from the best triathletes.

Get Information On Triathlon Research Website

Aside from regular training, a triathlete aiming to be the best must know how to access informative resources. The online world is a good resource as it is full of information on everything. The challenge here now is how to discern which are credible.

Websites like provides triathlon tips and information coming from experienced coaches as well as professional triathletes. They have the most relevant and latest information on this sport which helps every beginner or professional athlete to know more about triathlon. Founded by a professional triathlete, Sam Cook, Triathlon Research aims to be the single, trusted authority site for all the best information in the world of Triathlon.

How They Provide The Information You Need

Regularly Updated News – published in daily blogs and email newsletters, Triathlon Research have instructional videos, and writings. All contributions come from world class athletes, coaches, physiologists, and psychologists. Watch videos to learn from the experiences and great advices of world-class athletes and coaches.

Live Shows – Events featuring top-level coaches in Triathlon is held live online. Here Triathlon Research discusses various topics on triathlon from training, skills, nutrition, and lifestyle to personal experiences and advice of great athletes. The latest of which is the topic on the essential elements of run training and performance. The show also invites other contributors in the field of Triathlon like equipment manufacturers and technology experts.

Podcasts - triathlon training videos or audio programs are available on their website. The latest to this writing is Craig Crowie Alexander’s Developing Your Inner Champion. Download the latest updates in triathlon and listen to these items while you are doing you are jogging. And if you are new to this sport, you would be more inspired by listening to a lot of interviews in the podcasts.

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