Monday, February 16, 2015

Magins: The Leading Lighting Fixture Provider In Australia

When improving houses, one of the most essential tasks is to invest in fixtures. As of now, there are a lot of house fixtures homeowners can choose from such as chairs, tables, closets and even drawers. However, if you are looking for other items that can help make your house better, more appealing and more comfortable, you also need to opt for lighting fixtures from reputable lighting providers like Magins.

About Magins

Magins is an independent Australian boutique lighting shop in Willoughbly. Magins has been offering beautiful lighting fixtures over the last 20 years. The company also offers lighting fixtures that range from Classic Lines, Quality Finishes up to Real Materials. The company even has American Fittings wired to Australian Standards and their own Exclusive Designs. With this, you can be sure that you can find the ideal lighting for your house.

Magins’ Lighting Fixtures

As of now, Magins offers some fixtures that can make your houses brighter and more beautiful. Listed below are some of them.

Interior – Most of the best lighting fixtures for your interior are ceiling and wall lighting. Ceiling lighting is ideal for areas where you need visibility and illumination like stair ways, rooms and even hall ways. Meanwhile, wall lighting fixtures are ideal for creating a good ambiance in the house. These fixtures are best in corridors, living room and kitchen.

Exterior – During nighttime it is very hard to see in the dark. Therefore, you can also install lighting fixtures outside your house such as the garden, pathways, parking area and even in front of your veranda.

Kitchen – The company also offers amazing kitchen lighting fixtures. Some of the products are created by Sydney Designer Justine Hugh-Jones. Magins experts state that in order to make kitchens more appealing, use a combination of down lights for shadow free task lighting above food preparation areas and a dimmer switch for pendants to create a softer more ambient mood.

Il Fanale lighting fixtures – Magins also offers Italian lighting fixtures like Il Fanale. These lighting fixtures present solid quality base metals of copper and brass that get better with age, cotton covered and braided electrical flex, rise and fall pendants with copper or porcelain counterweights, low maintenance, designed for complete exposure to the elements and interchangeable parts, flexibabilty for special requirements or modifications 

Why Choose Magins

•    Customised Fittings – Your choice of Fabrics, Size and Finish
•    Residential and Commercial Design and Planning
•    Quality Finishes, Real Materials – Made to last
•    Home Consultations Available
•    All products available for order by email or phone
•    Delivery throughout Australia and New Zealand

In case that you are looking for other lighting fixture, you can visit to make your house better and more comfortable.

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