Saturday, February 7, 2015

Meet The Experts In Osteopathic Pain Management At Sydney Osteopathic Medicine Clinic

The credibility of experts, particularly the osteopaths, is not merely dependent on their knowledge and skills but more importantly on their vast experience in successfully treating their clients. When you're looking for osteopathic treatment, make sure to check the background of the osteopaths you will be getting treatment from.

And when you're looking for experienced osteopaths in Sydney, look no further. Browse Sydney Osteopathic Medicine (SOM) at Click on their Our Osteopaths Page, and you'll meet their experts in osteopathic pain management. 

Here's a brief background about three of their remarkably experienced osteopaths.

First, let's meet Luke Rickards -- "The Compassionate Osteopath"

  • Graduated in 1998 at Sydney Institute of TCM and started his career in allied health care as an acupuncture and Chinese medicine practitioner.
  • Finished his clinical internship at the Guangzhou University TCM Hospital in China.
  • Completed a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Masters degree in Osteopathy.
His Passion:
Luke is very passionate about providing treatment to people particularly those suffering from chronic, persistent musculoskeletal and neuropathic pain. 

Apart from merely treating an illness, his clinical practice is mostly influenced by his passion in helping people understand their overall health and well-being through a science-based medicine. 

In fact, he has published several research papers, articles and even a book chapter on manual therapy treatments for neuromusculoskeletal pain. 

He is still actively involved  in a number of online professional and patient education initiatives.

Second, meet Peter Green -- "The Accomplished Osteopath"

  • Finished  Bachelor of Science  from UNSW in 1986
  • Received his Graduate Diploma of Osteopathy from the International College of Osteopathy in 1988.
His work and experience:
  • Over the past 25 years, he has been working  across a number of specialised areas: Performance injuries,  prenatal care, chronic pain management and rehabilitation, and industry development and education
  • His expertise was also very useful in the dance injury area  for various prestigious dance companies and organisations in Australia.
  • He helped established the Osteopathic program at University of Western Sydney for which he has written the course document for both the undergraduate and Masters program.
  • Apart from working at SOM, he is also a teacher in the private sector.


Third, let's meet Clifford Avery -- "The Holistic Osteopath"

  • Earned his qualifications at The British School of Osteopathy.
  • An internationally trained and accredited osteopath.
  • Experts should never stop learning. And so he is currently pursuing his Australian and International postgraduate training. And even keep himself updated with the latest International advances in Osteopathic treatment.
His work and experience:
  • Cliff, as he is usually called, has extensive experience in pain management like acute and chronic back pain, whiplash injuries, coccydynia, headache and migraines as well as many other conditions such as breathing difficulties, anxiety and tension disorders.
  • He has caring and holistic approach for which he has earned the trust of his clients from all walks of life -- babies, moms, students, workers, celebrities, athletes, and many more.
  • He is well known for working positively with people who have been unsuccessful with other treatment modalities.
Whether it's a disc related low back pain or nerve problems you are going through, learn important facts about osteopathic treatment here.

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