Friday, February 6, 2015

Improving Homes At Its Finest With Perth Renovation Group

Maintaining a house is a huge task. The most basic maintenance task is cleaning. Then, there are the more complicated task like dealing with cracks and chips on the walls. You also need to seal holes on the roof. You also may need to get rid of scrapes and dents on the floors.

You will also have to use certain items and tools to maintain your home, which require spending. As a home owner, you need to consider different options to make maintenance more cost-efficient.

There are also times when renovation proves to be cheaper, in the long run, as compared to doing repairs and fixes. Once you decide to renovate, it may be best to hire reputable renovators who can help you. The ideal option is to work with Perth Renovation Group.

About Home Renovation Group

Perth Renovation Group is a boutique company that specializes in high quality renovation services. The company provides such services in the residential market. Perth Renovation Group also has the best designers and renovators who can accomplish challenging renovation projects.

Services of Perth Renovation Group

Perth Renovation Group offers a lot of residential renovation services. Below are the following.

Bathroom renovations – The company can provide you with a free site visit. After which, they can discuss with you your design tastes and budget. Finally, they will provide you with a design draft. This design draft consists of all the taps, vanities and sanitaryware. The company can also provide you with full supply and installation service.

Kitchen renovations – The company offers three types of kitchen designs:

•    Modern – This design offers cabinets, cooktops, and benches, along with various space-saving appliances such as dish-drawers.
•    Traditional – This design features classical cabinets with posts framing the doors, fluted post with corbels on the corners, and light-coloured ceramic tiles as splash backs.
•    Contemporary – This design offers a traditional look with the use of modern appliances. The colours are created with the help of bright mosaic tiles for the splashback and a bright finish on the wood floor.

Home renovations – Perth Renovation Group features 3 steps in their home renovation services.

1.    Setting a budget – Experts will consult you on your design preferences to ensure your vision is worked into the project early on. They will provide you with an estimate about the design.
2.    Cementing the design - You will receive design drawings that cover everything from cabinet detail to wall colourings and light fittings.
3.    Renovating your home – They will discuss with you the convenient time to do the renovation and then draw up a full renovation program.

Subdivide your block – This service is ideal in case you want to divide your home. With the help of experts, you can divide your homes to make it better and more appealing.

Why choose Home Renovation Group

•    They provide layout in 3D to make designs more realistic.
•    They provide a wide range of designs and fixtures.
•    They have good connections to suppliers that can help you ensure that materials are durable.

In case that you wish to know more about Perth Renovation Group, you can visit them at or call them at (08) 9364 6000 for a free estimate.

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