Sunday, February 1, 2015

Apartment Specialists NZ – Your Best Partner In Selling Or Buying An Apartment

Considering of selling or buying an apartment in New Zealand? If you don’t know how to achieve the best price for your apartment, get the largest number of buyers to look into your apartment for sale, buy the most suitable apartment that you can resell, or perhaps don’t know who you can trust to provide you with excellent advice on your asset, Apartment Specialists can certainly help you out.

About Apartment Specialists

Apartment Specialists was founded by Andrew Murray, an Auckland apartment agent. He strongly believes that the current apartment market is too skewed when it comes to agents and that not enough focus is given to vendors. Thus, he left his previous agency as the top apartment agent in the country at that very moment in order to form a new agency, which is Apartment Specialists, based on an approach that he felt better served the owner.

He highly emphasized that Apartment Specialists is doing business differently. They do not actually protect listings as well as let any agent sell their vendor’s apartments giving their vendors great exposure to the largest pool of buyers; rather, the approach they use is paying dividends for vendors. You must be aware that they do not just focus on their vendors; they do not also ask them to sign an exclusivity deal. They are indeed very determined to shake up the Auckland apartment market. They claim that their approach will lift values in the CBD as well as tackle the auction lead market.

How Apartment Specialists Will Help You

If you are an apartment owner who is considering of putting your asset on the market, Apartment Specialists can help you in achieving the best price for your asset with the least amount of stress possible. With their proven track record of getting excellent record prices within the Auckland apartment market, no exclusivity period, along with a transparent sales process, they can be of great help. 

They actually share everything that they know about apartment investing. Also, they make the market transparent for both sellers and buyers. Furthermore, they publish free reports, insider tips, as well as work with only the best professional service partners. With that said, they assure that working with them will allow you to get the best possible help when it comes to apartment selling and buying. 

If you want to know how much your apartment is really worth in today’s market, there is a tool you can actually use – this is called the apartment valuation tool. To learn more about this tool along with how Apartment Specialists can help you, read on

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