Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Website Review: Apartment Specialist New Zealand

Investing in properties is among the major decisions any person can make. For those with sufficient budget, they usually invest in a house but for those with limited budget, they just rent an apartment. And if you are among those with limited budget, know that there are many ways on how you can improve the look of your rented apartment. And in case you want the best price for selling your apartment in Auckland or perhaps you want to know how you can get the largest number of buyers to view your apartment for sale, Apartment Specialists can certainly help you out.

About Apartment Specialist

Andrew Murray, an Auckland apartment agent, is the founder of Apartment Specialists, a real estate agency. He established Apartment Specialist with the belief that real estate agencies must work for the vendors.  This agency is doing business differently as they do not protect listing and allow any agent to sell their vendor’s apartments.

Apartment Specialist does not just focus on their vendors but they also do not ask them to sign an exclusivity deal. They are very determined to shake up the Auckland apartment market. Their revolutionary approach will indeed lift values in the CBD and speak about the auction lead market. Andrew highly emphasized that real estate agencies must not limit the buyers and open up the market. He also says that it is time for agencies to work for the vendor.

How Can They Help You?

Most apartment owners say that they work with Apartment Specialists in order to achieve the best price for their asset yet with limited amount of stress. Indeed, with a proven excellent track record of getting record prices in the Auckland apartment market, a transparent sales process, and no exclusivity period, they are considered the specialists.

They provide great opportunities in the Auckland apartment market for investors and home owners. Also, they share everything they know and make the market transparent to sellers and buyers. Furthermore, they publish free reports, insider tips, as well as work with only the best professional service partners.

Apartment Valuation Tool

It is through an apartment valuation tool that you will know the value of your apartment. And due to the fact that they have been in the Auckland apartment market of a couple of years already, they have developed an accurate valuation tool. The goal of this tool is to help sellers in determining the real value of their apartment so that they will be informed ahead of time before they finally decide to close the deal.

You can learn more about this real estate agency along with the services you can get from them at www.apartmentspecialists.co.nz.

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