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Reliable Legionella Testing Kits And Services You Can Get From AquaCert

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The Legionnaires’ disease is one of the serious lung illnesses that can affect many people. This is because the legionella bacteria, the particular type of germs that causes Legionnaires’ disease, lives and thrives in water systems. And since everyone drinks and uses water constantly, everyone can be at risk in drinking water or inhaling H2O droplets that are contaminated with legionella.

In the United Kingdom, it is now quite easy for residents and property owners to find out if the water they are regularly using and drinking are safe for usage and consumption. And this is by using a legionella testing kit.

All About AquaCert

One of the leading companies that offer legionella testing kits and services is AquaCert. AquaCert is a Northamptonshire-based company that provides a wide range of legionella testing kits and services. These water testing kits are also affordable and easy to use.

The company has been operating for more than 5 years now. Their directors and staff are comprised of chemists, biologists and engineers – specialists who have vast knowledge and can expertly deal with bacteria, water and buildings.

AquaCert’s Water Testing Services

Below is the process used by AquaCert to help you test your water systems for any presence of the legionella bacteria:
trusted Legionella testing kits supplier
1. Once you place your order online for the particular water testing kit you need, AquaCert will post or send by courier to you the kit. The kit will also include a courier pick up request sheet.
2. The kit includes a sterile bottle which you will fill with water from your hot taps and showers.
3. You will then have to fill up the courier pick up request sheet and send it to AquaCert.
4. Once this sheet is received by AquaCert, the sample and original request sheet will be picked up from your nominated address and will be taken to a UKAS accredited laboratory.
5. The sample will then be analysed. Once analysis is completed, you will receive a certificate of the results.
6. You will also be given recommendations or suggestions on the necessary steps you can take, based on the results of the test.

AquaCert’s Water Testing Kits

The following are some of the legionella testing kits you can order from AquaCert:
leading online Legionella testing kit supplierKits for water systems:

• Drinking water systems
• Showers
• Hot water systems
• Calofiers and water heaters
• Cold water storage
• Tanks

Kits that can be used in sports and leisure facilities:

• Gyms and fitness centres
• Swimming pools
• Spas and Jacuzzis
• Sports fields
• Leisure centres

Kits that can be used in medical and healthcare facilities:

• Hospitals
• Care homes
• Dental clinics

The complete list of AquaCert’s water testing kits, each kit’s details and information on how you can order them can be read on their official website, There are also other useful articles about legionella and the Legionnaires’ disease that you can read on the website.

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