Saturday, October 18, 2014

Website Review: HINO Motors Limited – Japan

A property that most individuals, especially business people, want to invest in these days is an automobile. With plenty of auto brands, models and brands these days, how would you choose the right car for you, your family, needs and budget? Well, there are actually experts who can help you with such investment process. When it comes to buying buses and trucks for your business, consider looking into HINO Motors Limited now.

About HINO Motors Limited (HML)

HINO Motors Limited is now a subsidiary of TOYOTA Motor Corporation. It was founded in 1910 and was separately established as a company in 1942. HINO has a rich history in the auto industry. In fact, it is considered the largest manufacturer of buses and trucks in Japan.

Under the HINO brand, HML represents the TOYOTA Group in the global markets for buses and trucks. They actually have huge markets in other Asian markets and in Australia as well. Global operations likewise serve an increasing range of clients in North America and in other regions.

In the Middle East, due to the increase in sales as well as growth of the HINO dealer network across the region, HINO has redoubled its commitment towards customer satisfaction. Hence, a training centre was established in the United Arab Emirates in 2009 for service engineers within the region. HINO emphasized that it is very essential for them to offer the right support network in order to facilitate such continued growth. Know that this new facility demonstrates HINO’s confidence in the region. Also, it provides HINO clients with the peace of mind that will come with receiving only the best after sales service. You must know that HINO motors are being distributed by Al-Futtaim Motors in UAE.

About Al-Futtaim Motors

Al-Futtaim Motors occupies the pre-eminent position of the largest distributor of auto products in UAE. In fact, it already leads the rapid development of auto business in such place. It actually holds exclusive franchises for some of the top automobiles and auto products worldwide – and this will include Japan’s leading truck and bus manufacturer HINO. They are proud to say that they offer clients with a well-established network of showrooms and service and parts centres through the entire UAE.

Services They Offer

They offer a wide range of convenient HINO Service Agreement packages from essential 40,000 km servicing packages to plans that cover the lifespan of a vehicle. HINO actually guaranteed full workmanship as well as genuine parts purchased for the period of 6 months from the date of sale.

Other value offerings they provide include:

  • On-site Servicing
  • Driver Training
  • Service Contracts
  • After Hours Servicing
  • Preventive Service Management

If you want to learn more about Al-Futtaim Motors and HINO Motors Limited along with the products and services they offer, check them out at

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