Sunday, October 19, 2014

Diamo Group: Making Relocations Go Smoother And Easier

trusted relocation company in Dubai
One of the most exhausting experiences that you may go through at least once in your life is relocating. Whether you are moving to a different city or a rural area or overseas, there are many so many things that you have to do before and after your move.

Packing all your possessions and deciding which ones you can leave behind and what to do with the other stuff you won’t be bringing are just a few of the initial and essential things you have to do. You will also have to think about and prepare for a lot of things as well before you arrive in your country or place of destination.

Immigrants who will be leaving for Dubai soon can knock off some items they have to worry about when they move to this city since they can get help from relocation experts who provide a variety of specialized services. And one of the most trusted relocation companies here is Diamo Group.

All About The Diamo Group

reputable relocation services providerDiamo Group is a British-owned consultancy company that specializes in providing relocation and removal services to all their clients. The company’s head office is located in Dubai and has branch offices in Singapore and in the UK.

The company started its operation back in 2012. Diamo Group is headed by Ben Mulvey, one of the Managing Partners and co-founder of the firm, and Diane Mulvey, also a Managing Partner and co-founder as well.

Diamo Group offers a wide range of services that include home search, school search, settling in services, pet relocation, shipping personal belongings, and storage. As such, the company’s specialists can take care of the whole relocation process from start to finish. They also work with strategic partners located in different parts of the globe that offer services that are crucial in setting up your new home and they introduce preferred partners that the believe would be of benefit to their clients.

The Company’s Services

Diamo Group’s offered services in the UAE are divided under two main categories: relocation and removal.
trusted relocation companyTheir relocation services include:

• Welcome and orientation
• Home search
• Settling-in services
• Pet relocation
• Short term accommodation

Some of their removal services include providing assistance in the following:

• Local move
• International move
• Corporate move
• Small move
• Storage

To get more details about each of their specialized services, visit

An Overview Of The Company’s Website

Diamo Group’s website is very easy to navigate. It also contains all the details you may want to know about the company and all the services they offer. It is very clean and crisp-looking, not at all too busy that it really is a good website to visit.

All the contents are up-to-date and they are not at all hard to understand. You can easily know details of all the services they offer and how these can help make your move to the UAE go smoothly and less stressful.

The website also has a lot of great general tips when it comes to relocating or moving. And because of this, the website is indeed a reliable source of information that you can use for your move to the UAE and even to other countries.

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