Monday, July 24, 2017

A Review On Jim’s Antennas

TV remains to be the top entertainment appliance present in most homes. According to a study, 80% of home buddies spend at least 4 hours watching TV every day. Hence, it is only best to make sure that you have a stable TV signal at home. Although having a cable connection is becoming very popular these days, opting for a cost-saving option is still advisable. Installing a TV antenna is most recommended by home experts.

About Jim’s Antennas

Jim’s Antennas started its operation in June 1999. The company is actually a division of the Jim’s Group of companies. It specialises in quality antenna installations and servicing. Jim’s Antennas is now considered as one of the most trusted and reliable antenna installation companies in Australia. It now has over 150 qualified technicians, who are extensively trained in all aspects of audio and visual services, including digital and analogue antenna systems, digital upgrades, plasma, LCD & LED installations, home theatre, surround sound, telephone and data services, video intercoms and extra TV and stereo points. All these experts are servicing in all of Australia. 

Why TV Antennas Are Recommended

Even with the rise in popularity of cable connections, TV antenna installations are still best recommended because of its several benefits and advantages. For Jim’s Antennas, customers can enjoy the following:

Local Franchisees providing prompt, flexible service schedules
Qualified Technicians
Up to 5 Years Warranty
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Digital TV Upgrades
Antenna Systems
Home Theatre Set Ups
Telephone / Computer Points
Security Systems
Video Intercoms

Aside from this, Jim’s Antennas also offer a FREE quote for interested homeowners who want to know more about the advantages of having a TV antenna installed. People can just go to the website and book a free quote without all the hassles of visiting Jim’s Antennas office.

Contacting Jim’s Antennas

For people who want to know more about what Jim’s Antennas has to offer and what they can get from opting to have an antenna installed, checking out Jim’s Antennas website is a smart move. In the website, you can find their head office address, phone number, hours of operation and contact form for specific questions and inquiries.

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