Thursday, April 27, 2017

GT Roofing And Guttering – Adelaide’s Specialist Roofing Company

Ensuring that your roof is safe and functional is among the responsibilities of a homeowner. Do you need roof repairs or replacement? Do you need gutter cleaning and repairs? Let GT Roofing and Guttering help you.

About GT Roofing And Guttering

GT Roofing and Guttering is a 100% owned and operated South Australian Business. It was founded by George Tselekidis and has already been operating for more than 5 years in South Australia.

George and the team are fully qualified with extensive knowledge of the roofing industry. They specialize in all areas of Colorbond roofing, Roof repairs, Roof roofing, Gutter repairs and cleaning, and many more. They are very committed and passionate in providing their customers the highest quality workmanship along with the best roofing products at the most competitive prices.

GT Roofing and Guttering looks forward to helping you with your roofing needs. They will be very happy to provide you with a free, no obligation quote for any roofing work you need. They can offer you different options to repair, beautify, and maintain your roof using the highest quality Colorbond products available.

Services They Offer

Roof Repairs – Over the years, GT Roofing and Guttering has completed plenty of roof repairs in Adelaide, South Australia. As qualified roof plumbers, they have plenty of years of experience under their belt, which means that they will repair your roof to the highest quality using only the best roofing materials. They take pride in their work and will deliver high quality and reliable roof repairs. They will definitely make it very easy for you to get the roof you’re after.

Re-roofing – They have performed re-roofs in Adelaide and South Australia throughout the years. Their licensed and certified roof plumbers are ready to provide you with a roof that will tick all your boxes. They take a personalized approach in terms of assessing your home or investment. They make sure that from the initial project planning to completion, they will have minimal unnecessary stoppages. This will ensure that the project runs smoothly and that you will get a reasonable price and on time delivery.

Commercial Roofing – For many years, they have been providing high quality commercial roofing services. You do not have to wait for a new commercial roof. Pick up your phone and call them today. They will be happy to quote you based on your property’s size.

Roof Extensions - GT Roofing and Guttering can match your current roof with your new extension, making sure that the job is done right the first time. Roof extension is a skilled job so consider contacting them if you need such service.

Roof Replacement – For all your roof replacement needs, GT Roofing and Guttering can be your best option. They strongly believe that a roof replacement can save you money over time, which makes this a brilliant investment for your home. They can help replace your roof so that it’s new again.

Gutter Repairs - GT Roofing and Guttering go further than just cleaning your gutters, and then just walking away. Once they are done with gutter clean, they go a step further but performing a full inspection of all your gutters and provide you with an appropriate competitive price on any gutter replacing or repairs.

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