Sunday, March 12, 2017

NIMR – A Consistent Provider Of High Quality Wheeled Military Vehicles Worldwide

NIMR is today’s leading manufacturer of light and medium weight wheeled military vehicles in the Middle East and North Africa region. In Arabic, NIMR means Tiger. They are currently based in the United Arab Emirates. NIMR vehicles are in service with the Armed Forces across the MENA region. They have the reputation for ruggedness, performance and versatility. They have an in-house design capability, modern production maintenance and facilities, overhaul and repair. Indeed, they provide a complete solution for clients around the world.

NIMR’s engineering team brings a wide range of experience to the designs of their vehicles. Also, they made use of the latest materials and subsystems in order to meet customer requirements. Their research and development team, on the other hand, are constantly working in order to enhance the range, which greatly depends on the experience of their current fleet along with the in-depth trials and testing in the most challenging environments. Full life-cycle support will be provided by their integrated logistic support department.

About NIMR Vehicles

NIMR vehicles offer the tactical mobility necessary to meet a wide range of operational requirements on the modern battlefield. They are all based on a modular 4x4 and 6x6 chassis and driveline, offering logistics, utility and command variants apart from protected patrol vehicles.

Their vehicle platform is very ideal for a wide range of mission systems. With the vehicle electronic architecture, a wide range of systems can be mounted – from C4I and ISTAR capabilities to complex weapon fix. Such platform versatility allows NIMR to offer the capability necessary for any scenario.

NIMR Vehicles

Internal Security – The AJBAN ISV rapidly deploys 10 crew members in order to intervene in any security situation. It can also be equipped with different non-lethal crowd control systems as well as mission equipment to protect crews and disperse violent mobs.

Tactical Mobility – These vehicles are meant to satisfy the most demanding military duty-cycle requirements in extreme environments. The 440A model has a high degree of protection to protect crew from ballistic threats, under-vehicle mines and roadside IEDs. These vehicles can also be configured to suit different operational roles.

Logistics – These include the AJBAN 450 and HAFEET 620 models. They are meant to meet military standards, with a lifespan exceeding that of militarized commercial vehicles.

Multi-Role – The JAIS 4x4 and 6x6 provides the ideal balance between survivability, firepower and mobility for asymmetric and conventional operations.

Special Forces – The AJBAN LR-SOV is an open-top 4x4 long-range reconnaissance vehicle that can access all terrains. This is also helicopter transportable and can be fitted with blast and ballistic protection.

Specialized – The AJBAN VIP vehicle can meet the highest standards and most demanding of customers. It is designed with discrete ballistic and blast protection. Also, it can blend with support vehicles during convoy movements. The HAFEET Ambulance, on the other hand, can be configured in order to provide trauma medical care to those who are wounded on the battlefield.

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