Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Bedashing Beauty Lounge: Providing Unique And Satisfying Beautifying Experiences

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Women (and some men) go to a beauty salon for various reasons. Many visit their favourite shop or a new one when they have a particularly bad day or week and want to pamper themselves. A lot will also drop by a salon if they need to get dolled up for a particular important event: a party, presentation, etc. Of course, the most typical reason people visit a salon is when the simple shampooing, blow-drying and straightening, plucking or shaving, and DIY manis and pedis are not enough and you need to have a new hairstyle, undergo waxing, and other pampering services that the pros will do well.
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The Bedashing Beauty Lounge

If you are looking for unique beautifying and pampering services that will exceed your expectations, you have to search for the best beauty lounge or salon. In the UAE, you can check out the Bedashing Beauty Lounge.

The Bedashing Beauty Lounge was opened in 2008 and was then known as Dashing Nails. Through different rebranding processes, the company soon became Bedashing Beauty Lounge so that it can (and be known) for their variety of beauty enhancement, self-improvement, and pampering services. All their services and solutions are designed to understand and meet the beauty needs of the modern women.

Since its establishment, Bedashing Beauty Lounge remains true to its goal of spreading confidence among women. They do this by provide their clients unique services, products, and treatments that make them look good inside and out. As such, once you know you look good, you feel better about yourself and you have an enhanced self-esteem. The team of Bedashing Beauty Lounge works hard to help you achieve this valuable feeling.

At present, Bedashing Beauty Lounge has 8 salons which are located in:

Abu Dhabi

- Al Falah
- Al Khaleej Al Arabi
- Fairmont
- Khalifa City A
- Delma
- WTC Souk


- Citywalk Boulevard
- Mirdif
well-known beauty salon in Dubai


Bedashing Beauty Lounge specialises in various services. These include:


- Basic Styling
- Professional Treatments
- Kerastase Treatments
- Anti-Frizz Treatments
- Hair Colouring and Treatments


- Basic Manicure, Pedicures, Shape and Polish Change
- Colour Gel
- Nail Art
- Nail Enhancement (Gel and L&P or Acrylic)
- Hand and Feet Sensual Treatments
- Nail Care Add-Ons


- Facial (Casmara)
- 3D Brow
- Eyelash Enhancement
- LPG Face
- Full Service Make-Up
- Bleaching, Threading, and Tints

- Halawa Waxing
- Waxing
- No-Strip Wax
- Slimming (Velashape II)
- LPG Body
- Body Oriental Bath
- Tanning
- Body Art

What Sets The Bedashing Beauty Lounge Apart

The Bedashing Beauty Lounge has always been a trendsetter in terms of providing unique and successful experiences in beauty. The brand has been recognized and awarded for its creativity and quality standards and amazing facilities. They also have their own state-of-the-art training academy to ensure that all their staffs are updated with the latest techniques by their qualified and professional trainers. Aside from helping the ordinary woman feel better about herself, the company also assists and teaches individuals to become financially independent by offering them job opportunities and their highly sought-after franchise program.

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