Thursday, February 9, 2017

Revolution Fitness – The Leading Fitness Company In Dubai

With today’s hectic and sedentary lifestyle, it is quite hard to become healthy and fit. The prevalence of people becoming obese is becoming higher. It is becoming alarming. A personal trainer can help you achieve the kind of body you want. This health professional can guide you becoming healthy and fit. Revolution Fitness has reliable personal trainers you can trust.

About Revolution Fitness

Revolution Fitness is considered the leading fitness company in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. They offer Personal Training, Corporate Wellness and Online Personal Training Services. All their European Personal Trainers are highly qualified with plenty of years of experience and diverse accreditation making workouts effective, versatile and fun while getting fit. They also offer mobile personal training services so you can enjoy the convenience of training at anytime anywhere.

Furthermore, they facilitate Corporate Wellness programmes that are ideal for any size of company working very closely with management to design tailored programmes in line with the wellness strategy of your organization. Their Online Personal Training offers you limitless access to their frequently updated, extensive and varied video library of exercise demos and downloadable nutritional menus.

More Info About The Services They Offer

Personal Training – This include a free initial consultation. You can train anytime and anywhere – either at home, outside or even in one of their 18 partner gyms.  This also includes complimentary nutrition guidance. Their personal trainers are qualified and experienced. They can create effective and enjoyable training for individuals or small groups. They can actually work around your schedule as well as come to you.

Corporate Wellness – If you want your company to build a very strong brand, grow corporate camaraderie as well as impact the bottom line, Revolution Fitness can be of great help. They strongly believe that healthier employees will make for more productive employees. If you invest in the well-being of your workers, you can actually enjoy a lot of benefits. These include reduced insurance premiums and healthcare cost, higher energy level and lower absenteeism. This wellness program is ideal for any size of company. The Revolution Fitness team work closely with management for designing a tailored programme that is line with the wellness strategy of your company.

Online Personal Training – These include tailored nutrition and training plans to homework training and mobility hand books. They make sure that they have a solution for any goal. Their Nutrition Guide costs AED 499 and AED 599 for their Mobility Guide. The objective of the nutrition guide is to stop people fad dieting. It teaches you the basics of nutrition as well as on how to structure your own nutrition. On the other hand, their mobility guide is a series of instructional prehab videos that will help you maintain your physical health and structural integrity.

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