Friday, February 3, 2017

GoAerials: Providing Services That Can Help Improve Your Marketing And Promotional Materials

Trusted provider of aerial filming, cinematography, and photography services
Images and clips are important elements to include in your marketing print and online materials. With clear, beautiful photos and videos of your products and business area, you will be able to have great representations and extensions of your brand and what you stand for.

Aerial images and videos are particular types of content that you can include or integrate in your promotional tools. Amazing footages of your commercial property or other sceneries related to your product or services are great eye candies; they will definitely catch the attention of anyone and won’t fail to impress them. As such, it is worthwhile investing in them and including or highlighting them in your flyers, brochures, website, and other types of promotional content.

leading provider of aerial filming and photography services

Working With An Aerial Filming And Photography Company
Getting the best aerial footages that you can use in and for your business depends greatly on the service provider you work with. You simply can’t hire the services of any video production or photography company. You need to choose one that specialises in aerial filming and photography.

GoAerials is one of the photography and video production company that specialises in aerial filming and photography. The company is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company is a division of Alkatraz Production and they work extensively throughout the UAE, GCC, and other parts of the world.

The team of GoAerials work only with trained, seasoned, and qualified helicopter operators, pilots, and equipment houses to ensure that every shoot is safe.  They prioritise safety at every shoot yet at the same time, they make sure they provide exactly what the client is after. They are all knowledgeable and highly experienced in the aviation environment and therefore capable of safely planning each of their film shoots. 
reputable provider of aerial filming and photography services


GoAerials is the leading provider of aerial production services for:

• Feature Films

• TV Commercials

• Documentaries

• Events

• Stills Photography

• Architectural Progression Photography

They also offer their assistance and services in:

• Acquisition of aerial filming permits

• Helicopter charter

• Camera equipment

• Drone work (RPAS / UAV)

• Ground and support equipment

• Crew

• Logistics

• Jet A-1 fuel supplies

• Travel and accommodation arrangement


GoAerials has at their disposal complete and modern world-class aerial filming equipment. These include:

• Cineflex V14, Elite and Ultra

• Shotover F1 and K1

• Versatile RPAS/UAV drone systems capable of carrying RED with rock solid stability

Learn more about the services offered by and fields of specialisation of GoAerials by visiting their website.

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