Wednesday, January 25, 2017

HORECA Trade: The Most Reliable Foodservice Company In The UAE

Leading Provider of Food Services in the UAE
Businesses in the food industry need to rely on various services and solutions to make sure that they are serving only the best meals, dishes, and beverages. Restaurants, fast food chains, catering companies, food trucks, and people that need to serve impressive fares and beverages for an important event will also benefit greatly from firms that specialise in food services.

What Do Foodservice Companies Do?

Foodservice companies specialise in providing a comprehensive range of products and services to caterers and other companies in the food industry.  These companies source and deliver food from specialist ones to wholesale ambient, chilled, frozen foods, and even non-food products. They also have experts that can help you with menu planning, promotions and costing. A foodservice company can be the best partner of a catering company and anyone needing assistance with their food business.

Trusted Provider of Food Services in the UAE


HORECA Trade is a proud member of the Bidcorp Group of companies. HORECA Trade was founded with the primary goal of being the leading partner in the UAE’s foodservice channel. Since its establishment, the company continues to operate, maintain, and develop the foodservice market of the UAE.

At present, the company has more than 170 foodservice professionals. HORECA Trade is also certified by HACCP, OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001, and boasts of the CSR label.

HORECA Trade has two centres located in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Reliable Provider of Food Services in the UAE

HORECA Trade’s Products

HORECA Trade prides itself in being a one-source menu and market for caterers and all companies in the food industry. Currently, some of the most trusted food products and brands they carry are:

• Emerald Valley
• Pacific West
• Lamb Weston
• ChefMate
• Nestle Professional
• Tilda
• Bridor
• Arco
• Anchor
• Vegware
• Ulsa
• Tanmiah

They also offer the following popular brands of beverages:

• Acqua Panna
• San Pellegrino
• Perrier
• Vittel
• Sohat

You can get more details about these and their other products and how to order them on HEROCA Trade’s website.

Reasons To Partner With HEROCA Trade

Aside from the wide variety of products and brands they offer, HEROCA Trade guarantees delivery within 24 hours for orders placed before 5 pm. Their success rate is currently pegged at 98%. The company also has 24 multi-temp trucks and have 2 distribution centres in Dubai and Abu Dhabi; as such, they can reach their customers wherever they are located in the UAE.

HEROCA Trade has always been known for their unique ways of doing things. Because of their focus on foodservice, they play a prominent role in the continuous development of the local food market and with setting the trend that many other players are currently following.

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