Sunday, December 11, 2016

Zain – Offering The Best Mobile Phone Plan And Devices For Personal Or Business Use

Mobile devices are used by people to easily communicate with their family and friends wherever they might be at. But apart from texting and calling, these devices can also be used for entertainment purposes – you can play your favourite songs, play games, or watch movies. Today, there are already a lot of telecom providers. Choosing the best service provider can be overwhelming. You can take a look at Zain.

Zain is among the most reliable providers of mobile phone plans and devices that is perfect for personal and business use. Below is a list of their offerings.


  • Phone Services – Zain offers valuable calling and messaging services.
  • Electronic Services – They offer the latest e-Service like electronic billing and DOB for iTunes.
  • Applications – Enjoy App, Games, and various learning and entertainment applications.
  • Rewards Program – Zain has rewarding program Membership levels.
  • Apart from that, they also offer voice plans – postpaid and prepaid.

Personal Postpaid Packages Information

  • Shabab 249 – This allows you to enjoy the finest internet quality available for your use. It lets you live your life to the fullest speed.
  • Small Package – This is the best package for basic usage customer as it grants you free minutes, data, SMS’s and Cash-Back of 200 SAR for only SAR 50 a month.
  • Large Package – This comes with a free vanity of number, Cash-Back of 800 SAR on latest smartphones and free services.

Personal Prepaid Packages Information

  • Khateer Prepaid – This offers great tariff for Local calls and data.
  • Zain Max – Upon recharge, get an instant additional bonus.
  • Hala Package – Upon recharge, you can enjoy tremendous amounts of minutes, data, and SMS.
  • Shabab Prepaid – Enjoy local minutes, unlimited YouTube, and data.

Business Solutions

Microsoft Office 365 – With 0 upfront cost, you can get a professional email and Microsoft Office.

Bulk Messaging – Seamlessly send SMS in volume with Zain’s state-of-the-art platform.

Machine-to-machine – They offer reliable and secure connection for your professional applications.
Zain Gate Pro – This allows you to greatly save since this offers fixed mobile calls.

Easy Gate – Dramatically save on all calls by replacing your landline now.

If these packages do not offer what you need, you can consider looking at add-on bundles. These include minute bundles, data bundles, local SMS, and roaming minutes and data.

Fingerprint Or Biometric Verification

One of the CITC requirements linking the customer’s fingerprint with all telecom services is biometric/fingerprint verification. Since July 21, calling service suspension happened for all unregistered lines for 2 weeks, then the entire service was disconnected. The service can only be reconnected if the subscriber registers the line within 90 days of disconnection. Subscribers can actually keep their numbers for 104 days starting from July 21, as long as they register their fingerprint.

This verification is compulsory in the following cases:

  • SIM replacement
  • Ownership change
  • If you are a current or new Zain customer
  • Customers migrating from other operators to Zain
  • Customer verification and profile update for current postpaid, prepaid and data customers

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