Monday, December 19, 2016

The Personal Group: Your Ideal Partner For Boosting Employee Engagement And Productivity

Leading provider of high quality employee services
Recruitment, payroll and salaries, benefits, training, and employee engagement - these are just some of the areas or department under Human Resources that need to be managed properly. Since businesses rely on their employees to survive and thrive, it is important that every aspect of this department or area is managed efficiently and effectively. Failure to provide employees the right and timely compensation, recognition, and incentives can be detrimental to your business. As such, if you value your company, it is essential that you value your employees, too.

Organisations that are having a hard time managing their HR department or don't have qualified or the sufficient number of trained employees to handle various important tasks would do well to outsource all or some of their requirements. One company based in the UK that provides various employee services is the Personal Group.
trusted provider of high quality employee services

About The Personal Group

The Personal Group was established in 1984. Since the company’s inception, their primary goal was to make work happy for everyone.
They aim to boost employee engagement through the seamless combination of face-to-face interaction and technology.  The company boasts of a 50-strong engagement team based across the UK ready to help employees make the most of their offered services and solutions.

Their unique and highly efficient employee benefits platform Hapi is also widely known and used in the UK. This is a complete platform that puts everything employees need in one place. As a result, organisations have more engaged, happier, and productive employees.

At present, the Personal Group is making work happy for 2 million employees across 550 businesses. And they have no plans of stopping here.

The Personal Group’s head office is located at the John Ormond House, 899 Silbury Boulevard, Central Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

reputable provider of high quality employee services

Offered Services And Solutions

The Personal Group offers their professional advice and assistance to different types of organisation. They are capable of customising their employee services and solutions to suit each organisation. Some of their offered services and solutions are related to or under:

• Employee benefits

• Employee rewards schemes

• Employee incentives

• Employee engagement

• Salary sacrifice scheme

• Total rewards statement creation and implementation

Introducing Hapi

Hapi is a simple, easy to use yet powerful employee services platform. This app puts the things your employees need wherever and whenever in their mobile device. Hapi provides organisations an app as a standard alongside their benefits platform. With this platform, employee engagement can be improved which will have a positive effect on overall workplace productivity.

Learn more about Hapi and the other services offered by the Personal Group here.

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