Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Regent & Brummell: Gentlemen’s Best Choice For Bespoke Tailoring

Before, when one hears bespoke tailoring, most people would think of it as an exquisite detail and luxurious fabrics reserved for only wealthy style connoisseurs. While it is true that bespoke suits are exquisite in detail and uses luxurious fabrics, custom tailoring has become a growing trend among professional men.

Men are also conscious when it comes to appearance – like women. This is the main reason why most men look for clothing shops that can cater to their clothing needs. And while there are a lot of shops that can provide a vast selection of clothing, professional men still prefer looking great with luxurious outfits that can greatly improve their appearance whether they need to attend a special event, occasion or business meeting. In this regard, one of the best gentlemen tailoring ship in Dubai is your best choice.

Regent & Brummell is a well-known tailoring shop for men located in Media City, Dubai. They are dedicated to providing the best of bespoke with a selection of fine Italian and English fabrics. It was named after George Bryan ‘Beau’ Brummell, who was credited for introducing the modern men’s suit in the 18th century.

The shop allows for customers to work alongside the master cutter and designer to create perfectly fitting suits, shirts, blazers and trousers. Additionally, they carry a wide variety of accessories ranging from top hats to bow ties and cufflinks to tie-pins.

Price range

They offer bespoke suits that range from 500 USD to 2,000 USD at the top end. The boutique can also cater to every budget and they offer customization to a variety of clothing and accessories.


Delivery - Regent and Brummell offers customer a quick delivery, designed especially to provide a highly proficient service for the gentlemen customer around the world. They also provide delivery within 48 hours, door to door service, and overseas delivery.

Brands – the boutique also offers other brands of suits such as the following:
  • Oldgate Of England
  • Guabello
  • Dugbale Bros & Co.
  • Trabaldo Togna
  • Huddersfield
  • Mileta Horice A.S
  • Fratelli Tallia Di Delfino

Having been known to deliver quality bespoke clothing, the boutique has established a good number of returning customers who are generally satisfied with their products. They believe that understanding the style of your customer is important to be able to get the type of fitting they wish to have.

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