Monday, November 14, 2016 – Providing Catering Solutions That Go Beyond Providing Food

When you hear the word catering, you would definitely think about food. Catering in its very essence is the business of providing food service to a certain area or event. Catering can be traced back to as early as the 18th century in Philadelphia. Public catering became very popular that it has replaced home-made food.

These days, catering is a global business and it does not just involve supplying food. It has become an artisanal activity where caterers craft food and bring about an experience that involves the senses. And if you’re in Dubai, Appetite catering is very much worth a try. Or if you’re visiting the UAE, make sure to include Appetite in your itineraries. 

Why try Appetite Catering in Dubai?

They Make Food the Way You Do at Home.
Being a family business with more than a decade of being in the catering industry, Appetite ( continues to be grounded with the ethics of making food the way you make it at home, that is, no added preservatives just fresh and wholesome ingredients. All prepared deliciously full of nutrition. You can really taste the goodness just the way you want.

They Want You to Be Healthy.
Appetite believed that the hectic schedule and sedentary lifestyle of people these days have led to the growing need for high quality, tasty and fresh food for off the shelf consumption. For this reason, they always source the best quality ingredients they could find to bring you well-crafted food and drinks that are perfectly healthy for your everyday life.  On their website, you can view all the food they offer which are categorized into drinks, mains, breakfast, and sweets. All comes with a table of nutritional information.

They Provide Personalized Catering Service.
Individual taste varies. Appetite understands this so they offer a tailor made catering service. You can choose from a delectable range of menus for any occasion. They have coffee break menu, hot buffet menu, breakfast menu, and on-the-go menu. You can also check out their weekly menu for mouthwatering but healthy sandwiches, meat and veggies, and salads.

They Provide Complete Catering Solutions to any of Your Event.

Appetite specializes in food delivery, executive lunches, and corporate catering. No matter how small or big your event is, whether it’s just small office lunches or even a private party, Appetite is more than willing to accommodate you. They can always tailor a menu that best suits your event.  They also offer individually packed items if you’re looking for an on-the go option perhaps for your photoshoot or simple picnics.
They are also able to provide full set ups with a wide range of equipment and staff to help you manage the event or occasion.

To know more about their services, check their Catering and Events Page of give them a call at 800 1762. You may also drop them a message through their contact form.

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